zTrip Review: Is It Worth the Cost?

Last Updated on April 3, 2022 by Snezana Grcak

App-based transport companies are all the rage now, and our team decided to dig into the most popular rideshare, car rental, and other platforms. zTrip is something in between regular TNCs and taxis, and we’re going to help you learn all about it and its features. You’ll discover the booking process, zTrip cost, reviews, contact details, and competitors. Use all the information and hot tips to have a smooth and hassle-free trip and travel experience!

What Is zTrip?

zTrip came into being to bridge the gap between rideshare companies and taxis—it offers the convenience of taxi services available both on the streets and through the app. The zTrip app allows you to book and pay for a taxi cab or black car service just like you would arrange Uber or Lyft, and it even provides shuttle vans in some cities. Another amazing thing about zTrip is that it lets you request a ride right now or in advance, which is ideal for business trips.

zTrip Home Page
zTrip Home Page

How Does zTrip Work?

You can book a zTrip ride through the app at any time! Download the free zTrip app from Google Play or App Store and take the following steps:

  1. Open the phone app and create a free account.
  2. Enter your destination and use the clock icon to select a ride for now or later.
  3. Type in the pick-up location manually or position the red pin on the map.
  4. Select your drop-off point or click on “I will tell the driver.”
  5. Wait for a confirmation message with the operator’s number.

Since the app stores your credit card, payments are automatic and quick. If you’re wondering how much zTrip costs, the rates are approximately $2 to $3 per mile with a minimum of $10.

In case you no longer need the zTrip ride, you may cancel it in a few clicks, and it doesn’t matter if you chose a Ride Now or Ride Later service. However, zTrip will charge you a $10 cancellation fee if you cancel a black car service.

How To Drive With zTrip

If you want to join the community and become a zTrip driver, you can submit the application online easily by entering the following details:

  • Full name;
  • Email address;
  • Phone number;
  • Your city.

Don’t forget to check two boxes regarding your age and whether you’ve been convicted. If you’re wondering how much money zTrip drivers make, the average weekly salary is $1,000.

ZTrip Logo
zTrip Logo

zTrip Support & Phone Numbers

Should you have any questions, there are a couple of ways to reach the zTrip Customer Support team. However, we suggest going through the FAQs first—you may find the answer to your question without reaching out to the customer service reps. 

If you require immediate assistance or have to cancel a ride, please call 855-699-8747, and an operator will assist you. Aside from the zTrip phone number, you can use the online form to contact the zTrip team.

Residents and visitors of sixteen U.S. cities can use the zTrip app—check out the most popular locations and contact information below.

CityPhone NumberWebsite
zTrip Omaha402-292-2222www.ztrip.com/omaha/ 
zTrip Pittsburgh412-777-7777www.ztrip.com/pittsburgh/ 
zTrip Colorado Springs719-766-4567www.ztrip.com/colorado-springs/ 
zTrip Pensacola850-433-3333www.ztrip.com/pensacola/ 
zTrip Kansas City913-469-8747www.ztrip.com/kansas-city/ 
zTrip Jacksonville904-222-2222www.ztrip.com/jacksonville/ 
zTrip Albuquerque505-247-8888www.ztrip.com/new-mexico/ 
zTrip Fort Collins970-224-2222www.ztrip.com/northern-colorado/ 

zTrip App Reviews

The Shuttle Fare team looked into user and driver reviews to see their reactions to and experiences with the zTrip app. We checked out the reviews on app stores, glassdoor, Yelp, Tripadvisor, and a few other platforms. Unfortunately, about half of the reviews we read were poor—most users complained about no-shows or waiting for drivers for too long. The opinions of zTrip drivers are mixed; while the glassdoor rating is excellent, zTrip reviews on other platforms aren’t so enthusiastic. 

Bottom Line & Tips

The idea is brilliant, but its execution isn’t on par based on the user reviews. Our team is always up for new challenges and recommends trying new things, so you should give zTrip a try! However, do it when you’re not in a hurry or when you have a backup plan ready in case you experience a no-show. We singled out the best zTrip alternatives below to help you compare all apps and features and possibly find a more reliable option!

Top Alternatives to zTrip

If you want to compare your options and check out similar apps and platforms, we have some suggestions! Since zTrip is something in between taxis and app-based transportation companies, these are also their competitors. So, you should consider rideshares like Uber and Lyft, but we would also add a few car-sharing companies. These have turned out to be pretty good, and many passengers love the idea!

The most popular car-sharing platforms are Turo and Getaround, but Kyte is also worth checking out! You might be interested in HyreCar as well—it’s an app that allows its users to share their vehicles with rideshare and delivery drivers. If you’re considering a good, old-fashion car rental service, we recommend that you at least book it in advance through Shuttle Fare!