Wingz Review: All You Need To Know

Last Updated on July 1, 2022 by Snezana Grcak

Wingz Review

Wingz is a vehicle-for-hire app and service founded in 2011 and based in San Francisco, California. The car hiring service allows users to book scheduled and flat-rate private transportation in over 30 major US cities. 

While it bears striking similarities to popular ridesharing apps like Uber or Lyft, the company’s value proposition is different: riders get to re-hire their favorite drivers while scheduling up to two months in advance. However, is making the switch worth it? Shuttle Fare takes an in-depth look at the app in our Wingz review below. 

How Does Wingz Work? 

Contrary to on-demand car-hailing services, Wingz focuses on pre-scheduled rides with personal drivers. This is the app’s unique selling point, and the main reason users should consider using the app. Let’s look at the app’s main features.

  • Scheduled rides: The company’s answer to the unreliability of on-demand car-hailing is the ability to book a ride two hours to two months in advance (Uber and Lyft only allow ride scheduling up to a month in advance).
  • Upfront flat-rate pricing: Users get to see the exact price of their fare before booking.
  • Fully-vetted personal drivers: Company drivers are background checked, interviewed, and covered in liability insurance. Riders receive drivers’ information in advance. 
  • Re-hire your favorites: The app allows you to create a list of Favorite Drivers per city. It then requests them first for your upcoming rides.

How To Use the App

After downloading the app on iPhone or Android, you can book your first ride. The process is straightforward

  1. Open the app and sign up. The app will require your name, email, password, and phone number. 
  2. Set your pick-up location and destination.
  3. Select the pick-up date and time. 
  4. Request a ride.
  5. Wait for your confirmation.

The driver waits up to 15 minutes after the scheduled pickup time on basic pick-ups and up to 30 minutes for airport pick-ups.

How Much Does It Cost to Use Wingz? 

While flat-rate fees without surge pricing are one of the service’s most attractive features, our Wingz review discovered a few caveats. Here are the factors that affect your final price.

  • Distance: Using Google Maps API technology, the app estimates the distance between your pick-up location and drop-off location. This distance is multiplied by a flat rate that varies from city to city. 
  • Minimum fare: A minimum fare of $25 is applied to all airport rides, even if trips cost less than the amount.
  • Airport fees: Most airport rides are charged with additional pick-up and drop-off fees of up to $7.50.
  • Number of passengers and bags: The app matches users with vehicles that can accommodate the number of bags and travelers. More riders and baggage mean larger vehicles, which bump the price. 

With all these taken into account, the service is more expensive than Lyft or Uber in most instances. 

How to Contact Customer Support

For complaints and inquiries, users may call the company’s customer service hotline at +1 888-982-9716 or email [email protected] Answers to frequently asked questions are available on the company website.

The Verdict: Pros and Cons

To help you decide if the app is right for you, our team weighed its pros and cons.

Guaranteed, reliable service
Flat rate, no surge pricing
Ability to re-hire your favorite drivers
Thoroughly vetted and interviewed drivers 
Scheduling rides two months in advance
More expensive than most ridesharing apps
Relatively limited presence in cities

When you need a reliable ride with people you can trust in cities where the service is operational, the company offers a unique product that’s hard to find anywhere else. Many users love the app’s dependability.

Wingz Positive Review

However, several users have found it difficult or impossible to find a rider who could attend to their requests. 

Wingz Negative Review

So, is it worth switching to the app when there are established companies like Uber and Lyft? While our answer is a resounding no, we don’t advise ignoring its value. We recommend using the app in conjunction with other ride-sharing services during situations where you have the freedom to schedule rides, and you’re willing to pay extra for reliability and trustworthy drivers.

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