Vacation from the New York Winter on a Budget

Last Updated on June 10, 2019 by Greg Bessoni

So the dreaded New York Winter is upon us. And you finally saved up enough to dodge it. You bought plane tickets to a warm destination. Somewhere on the west coast perhaps? The Caribbean? Nonetheless, you’ve got your tickets for a low price using your savvy, thrifty bargain-hunting skills. Now, all that’s left is actually getting to the airport to get on that plane. And you definitely want to continue your bargain hunting streak because #SaveThatMoney. Here are a few options you might want to consider!

Ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft offer “shared” options: Uber Pool and Lyft Shared. These are basically price tiers that are cheaper than than their standard prices. You would just have to be open to sharing your ride with other passengers.

Let’s say you live near Gramercy Park and your flight is at the JFK International Airport. 

So tomorrow’s your travel day. And you’re all packed and you’re ready to head to the airport early. You want to check out the price for traveling to the airport. So you wipe out your smartphone and open up Uber and Lyft (because you have both apps, duh) to check their pricing. 

According to the Uber website, the price for one person in a Uber pool from Gramercy Park to JFK International airport is $36.75. And according to the Lyft website, the price for one person in a shared Lyft from Gramercy Park to JFK International airport is about $45.50. 

These prices sound pretty fair to you, but the deal-seeking side of you feels like you could possibly find something for cheaper. So you surf the internet.
While surfing, you land on a site called On the homepage, you enter your desired airport and your desired pickup location: In this case, JFK and Gramercy Park. From there you’ll find yourself on the results page. And at the top of the results you’ll see an offering for a shared SuperShuttle. The price for that? $21.78!

Not only that, but after doing some more snooping on Shuttlefare’s site, you discover that you can book a two-way trip: one for dropping you at the airport and another for picking you up when you return. And the most cost-effective result is a round-trip with Super Shuttle for $41.38!

At this point, you feel like you’ve found the deal that you’ve been looking for. You go to bed feeling good about yourself knowing you found the best prices for your escape away from New York City.