Order an Uber to San Diego Airport

Last Updated on August 3, 2021 by Greg Bessoni

Wondering if Uber can pick you up at San Diego Airport or how much does it cost? You’re in the right place! Whether you look for a ride to or from SAN terminals, the Shuttle Fare team will assist you in getting around. Go through our in-depth guide to learn how to use Uber to San Diego Airport or where to find the pick-up spot at your terminal. We will also list Uber fare estimates to the most popular destinations in the area. Use our tips to travel stress-free!

Uber San Diego Airport

Whenever you’re searching for a convenient and affordable transfer to or from the airport or around the city, don’t hesitate to turn to Uber! Even though Uber Pool is temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19, you still have plenty of transportation options, including Connect, UberX, Comfort, and Uber Black. Depending on your needs and budget, choose one of the listed services when requesting a ride via your Uber app. If you plan on riding with Uber to/from San Diego Airport, check out the ride-share locations and rates below!

Uber Pick-Up at San Diego Airport 

Requesting an Uber ride from any airport terminal is as simple as it gets. Collect your luggage and then use the app to arrange your transfer in a few clicks! The app will provide you with the exact location of your Uber pick-up spot at San Diego Airport. Based on your terminal, follow the steps below to find your driver hassle-free.

Terminal 1:

  1. Exit the Baggage Claim area via the escalators
  2. Cross the Sky Bridge toward Ground Transportation
  3. Take the escalators down to the parking lot 
  4. Turn right to the Transportation Plaza
  5. Walk to the third lane to reach the Uber pick-up area

Terminal 2:

  1. Go outside Baggage Claim
  2. Use the main crosswalk to get to the Transportation Plaza 
  3. Walk to the second lane on your right to get to the ride-share pick-up spot

Finding your meeting point is easier than it seems—take the listed steps and keep an eye out for airport signs. You will see large green signs that will direct you toward Ground Transportation and Ride Share. Follow them to reach the pick-up spot within two minutes.

Uber Drop-Off at SAN

If you’re flying out of San Diego Airport, using Uber is even simpler! Uber drivers are allowed to drop passengers off curbside at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Tell your driver which terminal you’re departing from, and they will take you to the main entrance. You can also tell them your airline, and the driver will drop you off at the entrance closest to it.

Pre-Book Your Uber Ride

Uber allows you to reserve your San Diego Airport transfer in advance! You can arrange an Uber to San Diego Airport up to 30 days before your departure flight. Access the Uber page, or use your app, and look for the form from the picture below. Enter your starting point, destination, and the date and time of your journey to book a ride. 

Note that reservations may not be available for your pick-up location—in that case, you can search for the closest available meeting point.

Uber San Diego Airport Rates to Popular Destinations

Wondering how much does Uber in San Diego cost? Whether you need an airport transfer to downtown or wish to request an Uber from Carlsbad to San Diego Airport, we will help you plan your trip down to the smallest details. The list below offers Uber fare estimates for rides between SAN and the most popular destinations in the area. Check them out to discover the price estimate for your trip!

LocationUber ConnectUberXUber Black
Downtown San Diego $9$19$27
Gaslamp Quarter$10$20$29
Coronado Island$16$20$49
La Jolla$19$21$56
Cross Border Xpress (CBX)$32$33$93

If searching for the most cost-effective transfer from San Diego Airport to downtown or another nearby location, Uber Connect is the best choice. To get a more affordable ride to locations outside of San Diego, opt for UberX, which is the most convenient for longer routes. Whichever option you go for, feel free to use our Tipping Guide to see how much to tip your Uber driver.

Advantages of Taking Uber to San Diego Airport

Taking an Uber to or from SAN is easy and budget-friendly. Requesting a transfer takes only a couple of minutes, and the pick-up spot is a short walk away from Baggage Claim. If you’re headed to the airport, your driver will drop you off right in front of your terminal. Uber offers an array of transportation services for both single travelers and groups. The ride from San Diego Airport to downtown is only $9, while taxis charge over $20! Taking into account its affordability and convenience, we can conclude that Uber is one of the best San Diego Airport transfers.

Alternatives to Uber

San Diego Airport offers an array of ground transportation options, and Uber isn’t the only reasonably-priced choice. If you wish to find out more about other transfers, check out our San Diego Airport Shuttle Guide! It offers valuable information on airport shuttles, taxis, private transfers, rental cars, and public buses. You can use our simple booking system to reserve a Super Shuttle or learn where to find a cab or bus at SAN. If searching for the cheapest option, use a public bus service to reach downtown for only $2.25.


  • Can Uber pick you up at San Diego Airport?

Yes! Uber picks up at both terminals, and we listed the step-by-step directions to both pick-up points.

  • Is Uber cheaper than a taxi in San Diego?

If you choose Uber Connect, your ride to the city will be significantly cheaper than a taxi transfer to the downtown area. On the other hand, UberX and taxis have similar fares.

  • How much does an Uber cost from San Diego Airport to downtown?

Uber Connect from San Diego Airport to downtown is only $9, while an UberX ride is approximately $19.

  • What is the Uber phone number in San Diego?

The Uber phone number is 800-664-1378. If you need assistance or wish to report any feedback, use it to call Uber in San Diego. 

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