Arrange an Uber to Phoenix Airport

Last Updated on August 3, 2021 by Greg Bessoni

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport allows around 700 ground transportation companies to regularly pick up and drop off passengers on-site. Choosing one out of so many options may be exhausting! That’s when Shuttle Fare steps in—we provide helpful, in-depth guides with plenty of relevant information and money-saving tips. If you plan to request an Uber to Phoenix Airport or from an airport terminal, you’re in the right place! We will take you through the pick-up process, drop-offs, and pricing. You will also be able to compare Uber to other Phoenix Airport transfers so that you can find the most suitable ride!

Uber at PHX

Whether you wish to arrange an Uber from Phoenix Airport to Scottsdale or any other place, you can do that easily via the Uber app. Even though Uber Pool isn’t available due to the COVID-19 pandemic, an array of rides is still available! If going to downtown or other nearby locations, Uber Connect will be the most cost-effective option. If your destination is outside the city, UberX would probably be your go-to choice. Learn more about Uber fare estimates after you go through the pick-up and drop-off procedures!

Pre-Book Your Uber to Phoenix Airport

Uber always urges passengers to request a ride after collecting their luggage, but there’s another way! You can reserve your ride in advance and arrange your Uber to Phoenix Airport up to 30 days before your flight. To book it, look for the booking form from the picture below and fill it out before you click on Reserve a Ride. Enter your phone number and follow the listed directions to request your ride successfully.

Uber Pick-Up Locations 

To find your Uber at PHX, you need to follow the signs and directions provided by the airport. We listed all terminal pick-up spots to save you a precious amount of time:

  • Terminal 3: South curb, west end, outside door #4
  • Terminal 4: Level 1, north curb, far west end, outside door #1
  • Terminal 4: Level 1, south curb, east end, outside door #6
  • Terminal 4: Level 1, south curb, far east end, outside door #8

Note that you should request your Uber at PHX after you get your bags and are ready to go!

Drop-Offs: Uber to Phoenix Airport

After arranging an Uber to PHX Airport, your driver will pick you up and take you to a suitable spot near the check-in area. Just like at other airports, the driver will drop you off at the Departures Level of your terminal.

Uber Rates From Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Creating a smart travel plan implies informing yourself of plenty of details, but Shuttle Fare is here to save your time! We went through the Uber fare estimates from PHX to the most popular destinations in the area. See the list below to discover an approximate rate for an Uber from Phoenix Airport to Mesa, Tucson, Scottsdale, and more!

Phoenix Convention Center$10$14$21
Downtown Phoenix$12$16$23
Phoenix-Mesa Gateway$37$36$51

The total cost can vary based on traffic, time of the day, and similar factors. See more airport transportation options below to compare services and rates, but don’t forget to tip your driver for whatever transfer you choose.

Low-Cost Alternatives to Uber

Ride-sharing apps are great if you’re going to downtown Phoenix or other nearby locations, but you should check out other options, especially if going outside the city. You have so many choices, and we listed the best transfers in our Phoenix Airport Shuttle guide. It offers information on budget-friendly airport shuttles like Super Shuttle PHX and other providers that can take you from PHX to all top destinations. Based on your destination, you can use our tips and booking system to reserve a reasonably-priced ride from PHX to Scottsdale, from PHX to Peoria, or a Mesa Gateway Airport Shuttle! If you’re searching for a cheap shuttle from Tucson to Phoenix Airport, look into our Groome Transportation Review. Groome offers scheduled PHX Airport transfers to Tucson for $43 per person, which is significantly more affordable than TNCs, taxis, and many shuttles.

Is Uber Cheaper Than Lyft at PHX?

In most cases, yes! We compared the prices from our list to Lyft fares, and Uber was more affordable for nearly all rides. Lyft offered slightly lower rates for transfers from PHX to Tucson, so it may be a good choice for long-distance trips (although not as good as a shuttle bus). However, if you’re headed to any location within the city, go for Uber!


  • Can I get an Uber at Phoenix Airport?

Yes! We listed all Uber pick-up locations above.

  • What is the Uber cost from Chandler to Phoenix Airport?

The average cost for an Uber to Phoenix Airport from Chandler is $30.

  • How much is an Uber from Phoenix Airport to Arizona Grand Resort?

Uber rides from PHX to Arizona Grand Resort start at $35.

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