Get an Uber to Oakland Airport

Last Updated on September 16, 2021 by Snezana Grcak

If searching for information on TNCs at Oakland Airport, you’re in the right place! Our guide will take you through the pick-up and drop-off processes at OAK and provide information on Uber fares. Whether you plan to get an Uber to Oakland Airport or from it, you’ll find useful tips that will allow you to travel stress-free! You can also use our information on transportation alternatives to compare them and find the most suitable ride.

Uber in Oakland

The most popular app-based transportation company, Uber, offers its services to Oakland Airport passengers. Uber allows you to request a ride on the spot or reserve it up to 30 days in advance! If you decide to arrange your transfer after landing, be sure to do it after you pick up your luggage. Uber Pool isn’t available due to the ongoing pandemic, and we’re not sure why, but Connect is also unavailable in Oakland. Still, you have a variety of choices that include eco-friendly and supersized rides.

Uber Pick-Up at Oakland Airport

The Uber Oakland Airport pick-up location is placed a short walk away from the Baggage Claim areas of both terminals. The official OAK website doesn’t offer TNC pick-up information, but we did our research and discovered where to meet your driver at Oakland Airport! The meeting point is on the third curb outside the terminals—use your app to choose a spot from 3C2 to 3C9. We also urge you to keep your app open until you reach the vehicle and contact the driver if you have any issues. 

Uber to Oakland Airport: Drop-Offs

Passengers flying out of Oakland International Airport can be dropped off on the Departures level of either terminal. Tell the driver your airline, and they will take you to the point closest to the terminal entrance.

Uber Fares for Rides to Popular Destinations

Uber offers upfront pricing, and we looked into approximate fares for transfers between OAK and popular locations in the area. Go through the list below to discover what’s the price estimate for Uber from Oakland Airport to Berkeley, San Francisco, and more! Rates vary based on the day, time of the day, and traffic. They also don’t include tips, so you should add them to the total cost—check out the Tipping Guide to learn how much to tip your Uber driver!

San Leandro$19$22
Downtown Oakland$27$33
North Oakland$31$38
San Francisco$49$65
San Francisco Airport$70$77

Rates may be too expensive for single travelers, but if you share your Uber to Oakland Airport with a couple of friends, individual prices will be reasonable.

Other Oakland Airport Transfers

Before you arrange your Oakland Airport transfer, make sure it’s the best fit! Compare all transportation services and rates in our guide to the Oakland Airport Shuttle—you can also use the booking form to search through the options in no time! Learn all about shuttle providers like Super Shuttle OAK, or check out how to get from SJC to Oakland Airport. Passengers looking for a ride between Oakland and San Francisco Airports can also look into the SFO Airport Shuttle. If searching for the most affordable way to travel from Oakland or San Francisco, check out how to get to Oakland Airport by BART!


  • Where to get Uber at Oakland Airport?

The meeting point is on the third curb outside the terminals—zones 3C2 to 3C9.

  • How much is Uber from Oakland Airport to San Francisco?

Uber fares for OAK transfers to San Francisco start at around $50.

  • How much does Uber cost from Oakland Airport to Walnut Creek?

The cost for a ride from Oakland Airport to Walnut Creek is as low as $44.

  • How much is Uber from SFO to Oakland Airport?

The Uber fare for a transfer from SFO to OAK is around $70. Look into Lyft at SFO to learn about TNCs at San Francisco Airport.

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