How To Get an Uber to Denver Airport

Last Updated on September 19, 2021 by Snezana Grcak

If you need help requesting an Uber to DIA or from the airport terminal, look no further! Our guide will explain how drop-offs work and take you through the process of finding your Uber driver at the airport. This way, you will learn how to order an Uber to Denver Airport or get picked up at your terminal in no time! The Shuttle Fare team will also offer you a glimpse into Uber fares and provide hot tips on saving time and money.  

Uber in Denver

App-based transportation had been flourishing for quite some time, but COVID-19 had a devastating impact on all ride-sharing transfers. However, Uber still operates and offers an array of transportation services. Even though Uber Pool isn’t available at the moment, you can still order an UberX, Connect, Uber Green, Black, etc. Requesting a ride is simple—access Uber through your app, enter pick-up and drop-off locations, and choose the service. Whether you need an Uber to DIA or from Jeppesen Terminal, discover your drop-off and pick-up spots below.

Uber Denver Airport Pick-Up Location

After you collect your luggage and request an Uber from Denver Airport, take the following steps to reach your meeting point in a couple of minutes:

  1. Follow airport signs for Ground Transportation
  2. Exit the terminal through doors 506-510 if you’re on the west side
  3. Go through doors 507-511 if you’re on the east side
  4. Proceed to Island 5 on Level 5 to find your Uber driver

When walking to Island 5, be aware of traffic and use the designated crosswalks.

Note: Travelers with accessibility needs can use the designated ADA access zone as an Uber Denver Airport pick-up point. The zone is on the Arrivals Level.

Uber Drop-Off Location at DIA

Your drop-off location at Denver International Airport depends on your airline. Uber drivers drop passengers off at a specified airline spot on Level 5, either on the east or the west side. When you enter the vehicle, tell your driver your airline, and they will take you to the entrance closest to it.

Pre-Booking an Uber to Denver Airport 

If you wish to head straight to your Uber vehicle after landing, reserve a ride in advance. You can request an Uber from Denver Airport to downtown, Union Station, Boulder, or any other destination up to 30 days before your arrival. When you go to the Uber page, you’ll see a short booking form that you need to fill out to book your airport transfer. If reserving an Uber to Denver Airport, note that your pick-up spot may not be available for reservations. If this happens, find the closest point that’s available.

Uber Fares to Popular Destinations

Whether you need an Uber from Colorado Springs to Denver Airport, from DIA to Boulder, or any other place, you can find out your fare estimate in a few clicks! To save your time, we already looked into Uber DIA prices to the most popular destinations in the area. Check them out in our list below to compare transfers and easily find what works for you!

LocationUberXConnectUber Black
Union Station$31$38$91
Colorado Springs$101$114$274

Be sure to read our Tipping Guide if you’re not sure how much to tip your Uber driver.

Useful Tips for Travelers

Before starting your trip, read through our helpful tips that will make your journey more convenient.

  • Request your Uber ride after collecting your luggage
  • Use the crosswalks to get to the Uber DIA pick-up point at Island 5
  • Look for the license plate number, car model, and driver’s name in the app
  • When you get to the vehicle, check if all the details match before entering

Note that drivers aren’t permitted to solicit customers at DIA, and you need to use the app for the entire process of arranging a ride and paying for it. This is the safest way of traveling to and from Denver Airport.

Other Transportation Services at DIA

Denver International Airport passengers have many ground transportation options. If you’re searching for a DIA transfer to Colorado Springs or Fort Collins, Groome Transportation is the best choice! Boulder Shuttle offers affordable rides from Denver Airport, which are great for small groups—if you’re traveling alone, the prices of Uber and this airport shuttle will be almost equal. Other Denver Airport transfers include private cars, limousines, mountain carriers, and public transportation. Check out our Denver Airport Shuttle Guide to find valuable information on each transfer, such as rates, routes, and contact details. To get the most budget-friendly ride, take a train from Denver Airport to downtown!


  • Where do I get an Uber at Denver Airport?

Exit the airport terminal through doors 506-510 on the west side or 507-511 on the east side on Level 5. Walk to Island 5 to find your Uber driver.  

  • Where does Uber Black pick you up at DIA?

Uber Black and SUV drivers meet their passengers on Level 5, too.

  • How much does an Uber cost from Denver Airport to downtown?

An UberX ride from Denver Airport to downtown costs approximately $32.

  • How much is Uber from DIA to Colorado Springs?

Uber rides between Colorado Springs and Denver Airport start at $100. As an alternative, you can check out Groome Transportation, which offers transfers between these two locations for $50 per adult.

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