Lyft vs. Uber: Norfolk Airport Guide

Last Updated on October 29, 2021 by Snezana Grcak

Passengers flying to or from Norfolk International Airport have a wide selection of ground transportation options, and searching for the most suitable one can be frustrating. That’s when Shuttle Fare steps in—our team will help you find the best service, arrange a ride, and find your driver without any hassle! Learn all about transportation network companies in Norfolk, including the pick-up location, drop-off process, and approximate fares. We’ll help you compare Lyft and Uber Norfolk Airport services and provide information on the best alternatives! 

Ride-Hailing in Norfolk

Norfolk Airport allows both Uber and Lyft to collect and drop off passengers on-site, which makes airport transfers as hassle-free as possible! Uber offers five services in Norfolk, including UberX, Comfort, UberXL, and pet-friendly rides. Lyft has three ride options for ORF passengers: Lyft personal ride, XL, and Lux service. UberX and Lyft are the best choices for up to four passengers, while XL vehicles accommodate up to six riders. You’ll see all the options and price estimates upon booking. Uber lets you reserve rides up to 30 days in advance, while Lyft allows reservations up to a week before your trip.

Lyft & Uber Norfolk Airport Pick-Ups

After you land and collect the luggage, you’ll need only a few minutes to request a ride and reach the pick-up location. The TNC meeting point at Norfolk Airport is right outside Door 5 at the Arrivals Terminals. Exit the door, cross the road, and start the ride to your home, hotel, office, or any other location. You can see the Lyft & Uber pick-up spot in the following picture:

Lyft/Uber Norfolk Airport Pick-Up Spot

Drop-Offs at ORF

If you wish to arrange Lyft or Uber to Norfolk Airport, the drop-off process will be quick and painless. The driver will take you to the Departures Terminal and drop you off steps away from the entrance. The check-in area will be just a minute away.

TNC Fares: Is Uber or Lyft Cheaper in Norfolk?

Our team looked into TNC price estimates to help you find out if Uber or Lyft fits your budget. We went through airport passengers’ most popular destinations and listed them below, along with the lowest fares. Discover the approximate price for Uber from Norfolk Airport to Outer Banks, Virginia Beach, Newport News, and other locations in the region. The listed rates are estimates and don’t include gratuity, so be sure to leave a suitable tip for your driver!

Downtown Norfolk$19$23
Port of Virginia$17$20
Virginia Beach$30$32
Newport News$38$41
Knotts Island$57$66
Outer Banks$265$181

Lyft is usually more affordable for transfers within 40 miles of the airport. If the destination is farther away—for example, Outer Banks—Uber will be significantly cheaper. So, choosing the most affordable option depends on the distance between ORF and your destination.

Other Norfolk Airport Transfers

If you wish to look into other ground transport options at ORF and compare the services, we can provide you with fresh and up-to-date information! Since public buses don’t stop at Norfolk Airport, the most affordable rides are provided by shuttle providers and app-based companies. If your schedule is hectic, and you require a quick ride, taxis are your best option. Renting a vehicle is a great choice if you plan on sticking around for a few days and exploring the area. Rental car counters are on Level 1 of the Arrivals Terminal. To find out more information on each option, including their prices, check out our Norfolk Airport Shuttle guide!


  • How much is Uber from Norfolk Airport to Virginia Beach?

The approximate fare for an UberX ride from ORF to Virginia Beach is $32.

  • How much is Uber from Norfolk Airport to Outer Banks?

UberX fares for Norfolk Airport transfers to Outer Banks start at $181.

  • Where do I go to catch Uber at Norfolk Airport?

Go outside the Arrivals Terminal Door 5 and cross the road to get to the Uber Norfolk Airport pick-up point.

Find Your TNC Driver at Any Airport Effortlessly

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