Find Your Uber: Jacksonville Airport Guide

Last Updated on October 24, 2021 by Snezana Grcak

Millions of passengers flying into or out of Jacksonville International Airport every year choose a ride from a wide range of ground transport options. Shuttle Fare is here to make your decision easier—we offer information on all JAX Airport transfers, including ride-hailing services. Discover the Uber Jacksonville Airport pick-up location, price estimates, and alternatives before you opt for the most suitable ride! We’ll also help you compare Uber and Lyft, as well as other airport transportation options so that you can find the service that fits your budget.

Ride-Hailing in Jacksonville

Two app-based companies have permission to pick up and drop off at Jacksonville Airport: Lyft and Raiser, which is a subsidiary of Uber. Arriving passengers should make a ride request after collecting their bags and reaching the terminal curbside. People flying out of JAX can arrange a ride in advance—Uber lets you reserve a ride up to 30 days in advance, while Lyft gives you a 7-day window to do it. Uber at JAX offers a varied selection of services, including Uber Connect, UberX, UberXL, Black, and Black SUV. You can also book a pet-friendly ride, while service animals can accompany riders at all times without additional charge.

Uber Jacksonville Airport Pick-Up Location

Locating your TNC vehicle at the airport is easy and will take only a couple of minutes! Uber drivers collect JAX passengers on the Lower Arrival Curb—go outside Baggage Claim Door 3 and to the right. You’ll see the App-Based Rides sign. The signage is also placed inside the terminal, on the lower level, and above the terminal exit doors. 

If you have trouble getting to the pick-up point, look for these signs or use the app to reach out to your driver. Before entering the vehicle, make sure the model and license plate number fit the description on the app.

TNC Drop-Offs at JAX

Both transportation network companies are allowed to drop off passengers on the Upper Departure Curb. The curb is steps away from the terminal entrance and check-in area. Note that this is the only Uber Jacksonville Airport drop-off zone.

Uber Fares to the Most Popular Locations

If you’re traveling on a budget, knowing the transfer price would certainly help you make a smart travel plan. To lend you a hand, we looked into price estimates to discover how much is Uber from Jacksonville Airport to Amelia Island, St. Augustine, and other popular destinations. The airport fee applies to pick-ups only, so note that your trip to JAX from any destination will be more affordable.

Ponte Vedra Beach$36
Amelia Island$38
Atlantic Beach$38
Mayo Clinic$41
Fernandina Beach$41
Orange Park$42
St. Augustine$56

Bear in mind that these are the approximate rates, and they vary depending on several factors. Also, they don’t include gratuity, so don’t forget to tip your driver for good service!

Is Uber Cheaper Than Lyft in Jacksonville?

The Shuttle Fare team searched for Lyft fares to see if this company is more budget-friendly! Here are the Lyft estimated prices for trips to the top 3 destinations:

  • Downtown Jacksonville: $20-25
  • Amelia Island: $32-36
  • St. Augustine: $50-60

As you can see, Lyft is slightly more affordable for trips to the downtown area and Amelia Island. If your destination is more than 50 miles from JAX, the cost will be pretty much the same whatever provider you choose.

Additional JAX Airport Transfers

Want to look into other options and see if there’s a cheaper alternative? We have all the info! The easiest way to find out more about each transfer is through our Jacksonville Airport Shuttle guide, which covers shuttles, taxis, rental cars, and buses. Shared shuttle services are the most cost-effective options, and the most popular providers are Super Shuttle JAX and GO Airport Express Jacksonville. If searching for the cheapest ride to the city, public transit is your go-to choice; CT3 Bus runs to downtown Jacksonville for as low as $1.25. Rental car service is the most suitable for passengers who plan to stick around for a few days and explore the area. All ground transportation services are placed on the lower level of the terminal building.


  • How to take an Uber from Jacksonville Airport?

Request a ride after collecting your bags and reaching the terminal curbside. An Uber driver will pick you up on the Lower Arrival Curb outside Baggage Claim Door 3.

  • How much is an Uber from Jacksonville Airport to Amelia Island?

UberX fares for JAX transfers to Amelia Island start at $38.

  • How much is an Uber from Jacksonville Airport to Fernandina Beach?

The Uber Jacksonville Airport ride to Fernandina Beach costs as low as $41.

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