All About Uber: Dulles Airport

Last Updated on October 13, 2021 by Snezana Grcak

Plan on requesting an app-based ride to or from Dulles International Airport? Shuttle Fare will take you through pick-up and drop-off procedures and help you travel stress-free! Our guide will provide Uber Dulles Airport fares and compare Uber with Lyft and other IAD Airport transfers. Learn all about rideshare transportation in Washington, D.C., as well as other modes of transport, and find the most suitable ride by the end of our article.

Uber in Washington, D.C.

Residents and tourists of the U.S. capital city have a variety of Uber rides to choose from, including UberX, Connect, Black, Comfort, UberXL, and so on. Eco-friendly and pet-friendly transfers are available, too. Travelers flying into Washington, D.C. can also arrange Uber taxi transfers—these are licensed taxi cabs that allow you to request the ride and pay for it within the Uber app. Booking the IAD Airport transfer is straightforward, and you can do it after collecting your luggage or up to 30 days before your flight!

Uber Dulles Airport Pick-Up Zones

Dulles Airport has had new TNC pick-up spots since August 2020 that allow quicker access by avoiding the crowded curb right in front of the airport terminal. The Uber meeting point is on the ground level outside of the Baggage Claim area, and it’s accessible through Doors 2, 4, and 6. The meeting area consists of several numbered zones, which make the process prompt and painless. You’ll see the exact meeting zone within your app and be able to reach it in no time. The airport map shows the location:

We recommend keeping your app open until you reach your Uber driver and contacting them if you need any assistance. You should also check the vehicle model and license plate number before entering the car.

Drop-Offs at IAD

All TNC drivers drop off passengers on the Departures Level of the terminal. This drop-off location allows smooth access to the check-in area. If this is your first time flying out of IAD, don’t hesitate to ask the driver for directions.

Uber Fares From Dulles to Popular Destinations

To assist you in creating a perfect travel plan, we looked into Uber price estimates! Uber fares in the U.S. capital are higher than in most cities, but you’ll get a reasonable price if you travel with a couple of friends. The list below shows the approximate rates for transfers from Dulles Airport to Washington, D.C., and several locations in Maryland and Virginia. Go through the rates to discover the cost of your ride and then compare it with other transfers to find the most budget-friendly option!

Union Station$54$58
Ronald Reagan Airport$50$60
Washington, D.C.$52$56

Note that the prices are subject to change and vary based on various factors. They also don’t include tips—don’t forget to tip your driver for good service!

Other Dulles Airport Transfers

Wondering if there’s a cheaper or more suitable transportation option? We have a way of comparing all the services in a couple of seconds! Our Dulles Airport Shuttle guide offers information on all IAD transfers and a booking form, which you may use to compare the rates effortlessly. It covers leading airport shuttle providers, such as Super Shuttle Dulles, but also provides information on the most popular routes. For passengers who need an intercity bus service between DC and NYC, we suggest looking into BoltBus or TripperBus. If searching for the most cost-effective ride to the downtown area, look into Dulles Airport Metro services.

Uber vs. Lyft at Dulles

If you wish to compare Uber in D.C. with Lyft, don’t waste your time looking into Lyft fares because we already did that! Lyft offers personal rides from Dulles to the city center for as low as $40, which is significantly cheaper than Uber transfers. However, when it comes to destinations like Alexandra or Gaithersburg, prices are virtually the same. Sometimes, Uber will even be more affordable for such routes. So, if your destination is within 30 miles of IAD, go for Lyft. Otherwise, stick with Uber!


  • Can Uber pick you up at Dulles Airport?

Yes! Uber collects passengers outside of the Baggage Claim area.

  • How much is an Uber from Dulles to Washington, DC?

The Uber fare for a transfer from Dulles to the city center is around $50.

  • How much is an Uber from Stafford to Dulles Airport?

The most affordable Uber ride between Stafford and Dulles Airport costs around $70.

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