Uber at Philadelphia Airport

Last Updated on August 3, 2021 by Greg Bessoni

TNCs like Uber and Lyft have been popular modes of transport for years! Even though COVID-19 has taken its toll on all shared-ride transfers, app-based transportation companies continue to provide safe airport rides. Airport passengers flying in or out of PHL can easily arrange an Uber to or from the terminals. If you plan on requesting an Uber at Philadelphia Airport or need a transfer to PHL, you’re in the right place! Our guide will provide the locations of Uber pick-up and drop-off spots, fare estimates, transportation alternatives, and other useful info.

Uber at PHL

Requesting an Uber to or from Philadelphia International Airport is a five-finger exercise. Access the app after collecting your luggage and order a ride in a couple of clicks! Shared transfers aren’t available at the moment due to health concerns, but you still have plenty of options. In Philly, UberX and Comfort are the most affordable options for up to three passengers, while UberXL is suitable for a larger group. When arranging a ride, make sure it fits your budget and all other travel needs.

Reserve an Uber to Philadelphia Airport

Uber allows you to pre-book your PHL Airport transfer! You can make a reservation up to 30 days in advance, and your Uber driver will be ready to take you to the airport at the specified date and time. Note that you may not be able to reserve a ride for your pick-up location. If that happens, search for the closest available meeting point.

Uber Philadelphia Airport Pick-Up Location

It’s not hard to locate your driver for Uber pick-up at PHL Airport. When you exit the Baggage Claim area, follow the Ground Transportation signs for Ride App Pickup/Zone 7. Uber pick-up zones are located in front of each Baggage Claim. The signs will lead you to S. Commercial Road, where you will also see the signs pointing to your meeting location.

Uber Drop-Offs at PHL

If you opt for an Uber when choosing a transfer to Philadelphia Airport, your ride will be quick and safe. Tell the Uber driver your terminal, and they will take you to the Departures/Ticketing Level. After the driver drops you off, you will reach the check-in area in no time!

Uber Fares to the Most Popular Destinations

Before you order an Uber at Philadelphia Airport, go over the prices to make sure the service fits your budget. You can also use these fare estimates to compare Uber to other transportation options in Philly. Whether you’re going from PHL to downtown or from Philadelphia Airport to Atlantic City, we can help you discover the approximate Uber price of your ride.

South Philadelphia$28$33$37
30th Street Amtrak Station$32$37$41
University City$35$41$46
Independence Hall$35$42$47
King of Prussia$50$63$74
Atlantic City, NJ$112$134$160

Whatever service you go for, don’t forget to tip your driver for good service! 

Alternatives to Uber

Before you decide upon a transportation option, you should check out all the alternatives to make sure you find the most suitable ride. Shuttle Fare can help you go through the most popular transfers from Philadelphia PHL Airport in a few clicks! One of the most popular PHL transfers is the shuttle service, and you can discover all your options in our guide to Philadelphia Airport Shuttle. The Philly Shuttle provided by Super Trans is just one of the options that can take you from PHL to 30th Street Station or any other location in the area. Delaware Express is also a great choice! If you search for a reliable transfer from Philadelphia Airport to Atlantic City, you can also use platforms like Rome2Rio to book the cheapest bus ticket.

Lyft vs. Uber at Philadelphia Airport

If you’re wondering which transportation network company is cheaper—Uber or Lyft at PHL—we will give you an answer! Both apps offer the same fare estimates for transfers between Philadelphia Airport and downtown; they range from $24 to $28. For rides from PHL to King of Prussia, Lyft is slightly more affordable, and its fares start at $42. If going to Atlantic City, the difference between Uber and Lyft rides will be insignificant. Uber at Philadelphia Airport offers a $112 transfer, while Lyft rates vary from $105 to 120. All in all, there’s barely any difference between the two services, at least in price.


  • Where to pick up Uber at Philadelphia Airport?

Uber PHL pick-up zones are in front of each Baggage Claim. After exiting Baggage Claim, stick to the Ground Transportation signs for Ride App Pickup/Zone 7. 

  • How much is Uber from Philadelphia Airport to Ocean City, NJ?

Uber rates for rides between PHL and Ocean City start at $117.

  • How much is Uber from Philadelphia Airport to 30th Street Station?

A price estimate for a ride from PHL to the 30th Street Amtrak Station is $32.

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