Request an Uber at Midway Airport

Last Updated on September 23, 2021 by Snezana Grcak

When planning a trip, you should always look for an airport transfer right after booking a flight. That’s when Shuttle Fare comes in—we’ll provide all the information you need to find a suitable ride! Requesting an Uber at Midway Airport and finding your driver is simple if you follow our instructions. Discover the Uber pick-up spots, latest fares, and other transportation services at Chicago Midway International Airport. Use the helpful tips and information to travel without any hassle!

Uber at Midway Airport

Uber offers an array of rides in Chicago—Connect, UberX, Comfort, UberXL, and Black are just some of them. There are also eco-friendly and pet-friendly services! You can arrange any of them, depending on your needs and budget, and find your driver within a couple of minutes. Uber even allows you to reserve your ride up to 30 days in advance! This feature saves a little of your time and lets you head to the pick-up point as soon as you collect your baggage.

Uber Pick-Up Location at MDW

Getting to the Uber pick-up at Midway Airport takes only a few minutes! The meeting point for transportation network companies is on the lower level, right outside of Baggage Claim Door 4. The Ground Transport signs throughout the terminal will guide you to the pick-up location, and you’ll see a red Rideshare Pick-Up sign when you exit the terminal.

Drop-Offs at Chicago Midway Airport

The drop-off process at MDW is simple. Uber drivers take passengers to the Departures Level of the terminal. The TNC drop-off spot is just steps away from the entrance.

Uber Fares in Chicago

To find out the approximate fare for your journey, you can use the Uber price estimator or go through the list below. We already looked into Uber prices for transfers to the most popular destinations in the area! Discover how much is Uber Midway Airport to downtown Chicago, Lincoln Park, and O’Hare Airport:

South Loop$22$25$28
Downtown Chicago$23$24$30
Amtrak Station$25$27$32
Lincoln Park$33$30$39
South Chicago$35$30$41
O’Hare Airport$49$51$60

Don’t forget to tip your driver—check out the Tipping Guide to discover what’s the appropriate amount for Uber drivers.

Other Midway Airport Transfers

If traveling on a budget, looking into other transportation options is a must! Learn more about alternatives so that you can compare them and find what works for you. The easiest way to do that is through our Chicago Midway Airport Shuttle guide—it includes information on all MDW transfers, including shuttles, taxis, buses, and rental cars. Shuttle services are among the most popular transport choices, so we suggest that you learn more about companies like GO Airport Express and Peoria Charter. If searching for a ride between Chicago Airports, look into Lyft Chicago Airport, too! To drastically reduce your costs, opt for public transit—CTA offers trains and buses that can take you from the airport to countless locations in the area.

Uber vs. Lyft 

If app-based transportation is your final choice, we’ll help you compare the two most popular providers: Uber and Lyft. To do that properly, our team looked into Lyft fares for MDW transfers to a few destinations and listed them for you. Compare them with the Uber price list to see the difference—Uber at Midway Airport is a more affordable service.

DestinationLyft Fares
Downtown Chicago$30-35
Lincoln Park$35-42
O’Hare Airport$55-60 

Note that all prices may vary based on the day of the week, time of the day, traffic, and other factors.


  • Does Uber pick up at Midway Airport Chicago?

Yes! The meeting point is on the terminal’s lower level, outside of Baggage Claim Door 4. 

  • How much is Uber Midway Airport to downtown Chicago?

The approximate cost for the Uber Connect ride from MDW to downtown is $23.

  • Is Uber cheaper than Lyft in Chicago? 

Yes, Uber rates are more affordable.

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