Find Your Uber at Burbank Airport

Last Updated on August 3, 2021 by Greg Bessoni

Formerly branded as Bob Hope Airport, Hollywood Burbank Airport is a popular choice among travelers who wish to visit many Los Angeles attractions. It’s placed in Burbank, so you’ll need a convenient ground transportation service to get to your destination. If you opt for a ridesharing app, this guide will take you through the pick-up and drop-off process. Discover all about Uber at Burbank Airport, including rates for the most popular routes. We will also provide information on transportation alternatives so that you can compare all Burbank Airport transfers before booking your ride!

Uber at Burbank Airport

The airport allows Uber, as well as other ridesharing companies, to pick up and drop off passengers at the designated points near the terminals. Requesting a ride takes only a couple of minutes, and you can arrange transfers to any location in the area. Uber Pool isn’t available at the moment due to the ongoing pandemic, so you cannot reserve a shared ride, but many other services are still available. UberX and Connect are the most cost-effective options, but you can also request UberXL, Black, Black SUV, and more!

How To Reserve Your Uber Ride in Advance

The app offers another great feature—booking an Uber at Burbank Airport up to 30 days in advance! The process is straightforward, and you can reserve a ride via the app or website. Enter the origin, destination, date, and time to make a reservation in no time. If you wish to arrange an Uber to Burbank Airport, note that not all pick-up locations are available for reservations.

Uber Pick-Up at Burbank Airport

If you’re wondering where to get your Uber at Burbank Airport, rest easy—the Shuttle Fare team has all the answers! The Uber pick-up spot at BUR is placed at the ground transportation island across from the entrance to Terminal B. Use the designated crosswalk to get to the island. The signs point to meeting locations for all Burbank Airport transfers, including Rideshare Pick-Ups.

To reach the pick-up point from Terminal A, use the Valet walkway to Terminal B, which goes along the parking structure. You can also use the crosswalk across from the main entrance. Both paths are shown on the Burbank Airport map below.

Drop-Offs at BUR

If you arrange an Uber ride to the airport, the drop-off process will be quick and smooth. Tell the driver your terminal, and they will take you to its Departures Level. The check-in area is within short walking distance of your drop-off spot.

Uber Rates From Burbank Airport to Popular Destinations

To help you plan your trip and allow you to compare Uber rides with other airport transfers, we looked into Uber fare estimates. Our team singled out the most popular locations in the area and discovered Uber rates from BUR. Whether you need a ride from Burbank Airport to Universal Studios, Disneyland, or LAX, check out the list below to discover the approximate price for your trip!

Universal Studios$14$16$22
Hollywood $16$18$26
Griffith Park$18$17$28
Downtown Los Angeles$23$26$39
Los Angeles International Airport$43$52$74
Disneyland Park$54$55$91

Other Ground Transportation Options at BUR

If you wish to compare Uber rates at Burbank Airport with shuttle or bus fares, use our guide to Burbank Airport Shuttle! We provide information on all airport transportation services and the best transfers from Burbank Airport. Check out shuttle providers like Super Shuttle Burbank and Prime Time Shuttle to discover their rates to downtown LA or learn more about Metro Bus and BurbankBus. Buses are the best choice for anyone without heavy luggage who wants to lower the costs. Searching for a transfer between BUR and Los Angeles Airport? Look into the most affordable Burbank Airport shuttles to LAX. Whatever company you choose, be sure to tip the driver when you reach the destination!

How To Get From Burbank Airport to Disneyland

BUR is about 40 miles away from Anaheim, and many transportation companies offer shuttles from Burbank Airport to Disneyland. Uber rates for airport transfers to Disneyland Park start at $54, while shuttle fares vary depending on the company. You have several other options, though, and buses offer the most cost-effective service. To discover more about rides from Burbank Airport to Disneyland, look into our guide to Disneyland Shuttle and transportation alternatives.


  • Can Uber pick you up at Burbank Airport?

Yes! The Uber pick-up spot is at the ground transportation island across from the entrance to Terminal B.

  • How much is Uber from Burbank Airport to LAX?

Uber rates from Burbank Airport to LAX start at $43 for Uber Connect.

  • How much is Uber from Burbank Airport to Universal Studios?

Uber rides from BUR to Universal Studios cost as low as $14.

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