Find Your Uber at Austin Airport

Last Updated on August 3, 2021 by Greg Bessoni

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport offers an array of ground transportation services, and ride-sharing in Austin has gained widespread fame. Uber, Lyft, RideAustin, and Wingz regularly pick up and drop off passengers at AUS. This guide will help you request and find your Uber at Austin Airport and discover Uber fare estimates to the most popular destinations! Apart from AUS, you can use our tips to travel worry-free and request an Uber to San Diego Airport or Denver Airport.

Uber at Austin Airport

Whether you’re going from Austin Airport to downtown or need an Uber from Austin Airport, requesting a ride is child’s play. Access Uber via your phone and order a transfer to your destination in a few clicks! Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, Uber Pool isn’t available at the moment, but you still have plenty of transportation options, such as UberX, Connect, Premier, etc. When choosing a ride, make sure it fits your group size, luggage storage needs, and your budget. Also, note that the company urges you to request a ride after collecting your baggage.

Reserve Your Uber Ride in Advance

This app-based transportation company allows you to book your Uber from Austin Airport up to 30 days before your flight. You can also pre-arrange a ride to AUS, but note that not all pick-up spots are available for reservations. Booking in advance will make your process of getting to your destination a little faster and more convenient. 

Uber From Austin Airport: Where is the Pick-Up Spot?

Finding your Uber at Austin Airport is simple, but you should know the meeting points and procedure before taking off. Getting to the Uber Austin Airport pick-up location differs for travelers with and without checked luggage.

Travelers with checked luggage:

  1. Head outside Baggage Claim and cross the street to the parking garage
  2. After entering it, you can walk or take a tram to the Uber pick-up area
  3. If you choose to walk, take the elevator or stairs up one level
  4. Follow the blue signs that say “Taxi, Ride App Pickup, Rental Car”
  5. Walk along the pathway with orange traffic markers
  6. If you wish to take a tram, the stops are located at garage entrances on Level 1

Travelers with no checked luggage:

  1. Pass through the automatic security doors with a large Exit sign above it
  2. Remain on this level
  3. Exit the terminal and turn left 
  4. Go across the crosswalk to the rental car facility
  5. You’ll see airport signs along the way and above the facility entrance
  6. Go straight as you pass the airport’s arts 
  7. When you reach the entrance, take the stairs or elevators down one floor
  8. The Uber Austin Airport pick-up location will be on your right

Finding your Uber at Austin Airport is simpler than it seems—just follow the signs and our listed steps, and you will reach the pick-up spot in no time! If you have any questions, the airport customer service staff is available on-site to assist you.

Uber Drop-Off Locations

Uber drivers drop passengers off in the departures area of their terminal, on the upper level. When you enter the vehicle and head to AUS, tell the driver your terminal, and they will take you right to the point closest to your entrance.

Uber Fares to Popular Destinations From AUS

If you’re wondering what’s the Uber cost from Austin Airport to downtown or any other location, we can help you find it out! The Shuttle Fare team looked into the price estimates for rides to popular destinations so that we could give you a glimpse into Uber fares in Austin. See the list below to discover the average price for trips from Austin Airport to the following locations:

JW Marriott$18$20$32
Greyhound Station$21$23$37
Cedar Park$45$40$70
San Antonio$122$111$209

For destinations within the City of Austin, Uber Connect is the best choice. If going to another town or city, UberX is the most affordable ride, but it’s still quite expensive for solo travelers. In case you’re traveling alone, consider using an Austin Airport shuttle—we listed more information below. Whatever transfer you opt for, be sure to read through our Tipping Guide to see what’s the most suitable tip for your driver.

Other Transportation Options at Austin Airport

Austin International Airport offers a wide range of ground transportation services to its passengers. Depending on your travel requirements and budget, you may choose one of the following transfers: Austin Airport shuttle transportation, ride-sharing apps, taxi service, public transport, and private transfers. Uber’s competitor Lyft provides transfers from Austin Airport to downtown that start at $21, while Wingz can take you to the city for around $40. So, Uber is the most cost-effective choice. The only cheaper transfer is provided by public buses. If going from AUS to San Antonio, airport shuttles are the most popular option. You could also use public transit to the city and then take Megabus to San Antonio for as low as $24.99. Search engines like CheckMyBus and Rome2Rio provide useful information on low-cost transfers from Austin.


  • Does Uber pick up at Austin Airport?

Yes! Follow the above-listed steps and airport signs to get to your Uber Austin Airport pick-up location.

  • Can Uber drop off at Austin Airport?

Yes! Uber drivers can drop you off on the upper level of the departures area of your terminal.

  • How much is Uber from Austin Airport to downtown?

Uber Connect is the most affordable ride from AUS to downtown, and the average fare is $18.

  • How much is an Uber from Georgetown to Austin?

Uber rides between Georgetown and Austin Airport cost around $45.