How To Take a Train to San Francisco Airport or From SFO Terminals

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Planning a trip includes more than booking a flight—finding suitable ground transportation is just as important. If searching for a cheap and safe ride, catching a train to San Francisco Airport or from the terminals is an excellent idea! In fact, SFO is one of the U.S. airports with the best public transportation options. BART offers the most convenient transfers since its station is on the airport grounds, but you can also find a ride to the Caltrain or even Amtrak station. Use our guide to find the locations of all stations, learn what route to take, and even discover the best alternatives to public transit.

All About BART at SFO 

BART runs rapid rail service from SFO Airport terminals to San Francisco, northern San Mateo County, and the East Bay (and vice versa). Airport passengers can use the following lines:

  • Yellow Line: Antioch to/from SFIA/Millbrae
  • Red Line: Richmond to/from Millbrae/SFIA

Check out the system map, or click here to plan your trip and discover the BART SFO schedule. BART trains are the best way to get from San Francisco Airport to downtown, and they operate every day until midnight.

BART fares vary depending on your destination; use BART’s fare calculator to discover yours.

How To Get to the Airport BART Station

The BART Station is on the International Terminal’s Departures/Ticketing Level. Travelers who arrive at a domestic terminal can take the SFO AirTrain free of charge to the Garage G/BART Station stop. See its exact location below.

BART Train Station at San Francisco Airport

Where To Take Caltrain Commuter Rail

Caltrain doesn’t run directly to the terminals, but Millbrae Station is a quick drive away and is accessible via BART’s Red Line and SamTrans. Even though Route SFO has stopped operating, bus riders can use the new connection on Route 292, but BART is the most convenient option.

Millbrae Station is served by B7, L1, L2, L3, L4, and L5 trains. Click here for schedules and connections with BART, and use the info to plan your trip to a tee.

Is There an Amtrak Station Near SFO?

No Amtrak stop is available in San Francisco; the closest one is over a 20-minute drive away. In fact, three Amtrak stations are placed about 20 miles from SFO: Emeryville, Hayward, and Oakland

There’s no direct bus or rail line to either station, though, and you’d have to use both AC Transit and BART or one of the below-listed alternatives to get there.

Other San Francisco Airport Transfers

If you cannot use the rail service to get to your destination, consider arranging one of the following alternatives.

  • Free hotel shuttles are the best option for guests staying in the area. More than 50 city hotels offer courtesy pick-ups on the center island of each terminal’s Departures/Ticketing Level. 
  • Airport shuttles are perfect for those looking for an affordable ride who cannot (or don’t want to) use public transit. Low-cost SFO shuttles run daily to many popular locations.
  • Uber or Lyft is a good pick for those who need a quick ride to or from the terminals. Both offer several ride options, but prices may vary throughout the day according to several factors.
  • Private transfers are the most convenient and, understandably, most expensive option. If you value convenience and are wiling to pay more for it, don’t hesitate to arrange a private car. 

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