Travel by Train to Seattle Airport

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Whether you’re searching for a reliable Seattle Airport transfer to or from your terminal, trains are a great choice! The city light rail system offers regular, punctual, and affordable rides to and from Seattle Tacoma International Airport. If you’ve never used public transit to get to or from SEA, our guide will provide all the info. Learn how to get a train to Seattle Airport, where to find the airport train station, how to purchase tickets, train fares, and much more! The Shuttle Fare team will also help you compare trains to other transportation options and their rates. Find the most suitable ride in no time! 

Catch a Train to Seattle Airport

The light rail rapid transit system is an ideal choice for airport passengers in Seattle because it covers the most important points in the city. You can take a train to SEA from the stadium district, the University of Washington, the city center, Chinatown, and the South Seattle neighborhoods. See the schedule for more information or the map for train station locations. The Link Light Rail service map shows all the stops throughout the Univ. of Washington – Angle Lake line:

  • University of Washington Station
  • Capitol Hill Station
  • Westlake Station
  • University St Station
  • Pioneer Square Station
  • International District/Chinatown Station
  • Stadium Station
  • SODO Station
  • Beacon Hill Station
  • Mount Baker Station
  • Columbia City Station
  • Othello Station
  • Rainier Beach Station
  • Tukwila International Boulevard Station
  • Sea-Tac Station
  • Angle Lake Station

Trains start running as early as 4:15 AM and operate until after midnight.

How To Reach the Seattle Airport Train Station

If you plan to take a Seattle Airport train to the city, we’ll help you find the train station at the airport. Take the following steps from Baggage Claim to get to the train platform in no time:

  1. Follow the Link Light Rail sign inside the Baggage Claim area:
  1. Go up the escalators 
  2. Cross the sky bridge 
  3. After entering the parking garage, keep following the Link Light Rail sign:
  1. Cross another sky bridge as you pass along a couple of more signs
  2. Purchase the ticket 
  3. Head up the escalators to reach the platform
  4. The sign will point to the left section of the platform—wait for your train to Seattle there

If you follow the signs and our simple steps, you’ll reach the city in no time! To get to the Seattle Ferry Terminal, exit the train at the Pioneer Square Station—it’s less than 10 minutes away. 

Connections to Amtrak

If you’re wondering how to get from Seattle Airport to the Amtrak station, we discovered the simplest way! Since Amtrak doesn’t stop at SEA, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Follow the listed steps to get to the Seattle Airport train station
  2. Take a train to the city
  3. Exit at the International District/Chinatown Station
  4. Go left when you exit the station
  5. Turn right onto Weller Street Walk
  6. Access the King Street Station
  7. Take an Amtrak train to your destination

The walk between the two stations takes only two minutes. The entire trip between the SeaTac Station and King Street Station will take around 35 minutes.

Seattle Airport Link Light Rail Tickets & Fares

You can purchase a rail ticket or ORCA card at the ticket machines at SEA. You’ll see them before you take the escalators to the train platform. If taking a train to Sea-Tac, use the machines at any station to buy your ticket.

The train fare depends on your destination, and the prices range from $2.25 to $3.25. To reach any downtown station, you’ll pay $3.00—this is the most affordable way to get to or from the city. Children of ages 6 to 18 are entitled to Youth fares that cost $1.50, while seniors and disabled passengers pay only $1.00.

Train From Portland to Seattle Airport

If you wish to use a train from Portland to Seattle Airport, the most hassle-free way is to take an Amtrak Cascades 500 train at the Portland Union Station. Exit at the King Street Station, and then take a 2-minute walk to the Int’l District/Chinatown Station, where you can catch a train to Sea-Tac. You can also travel to Tukwila, but it will take more time and connections. Find out more about fares on sites like Wanderu, and we can help you learn more about such platforms—check out our Wanderu Review to discover how to use it. Alternatively, you can hop on a bus to Seattle, and Busbud will be a helpful tool if you opt for the bus service.

Other Seattle Airport Transfers 

If the train schedule doesn’t fit yours, or you wish to find a quicker Seattle Airport transfer, we have a few suggestions! Our Seattle Airport Shuttle guide offers information on all ground transportation options, including low-cost shuttles, private transfers, taxis, and public transport. Use it to learn more about Shuttle Express, Capital Aeroporter, or FlixBus at SEA. We can also help you compare the rates by checking out the price of all the top transfers from Seattle Airport! If going to the cruise port, find the best transportation service from SEA to Pier 91. Alternatively, request a TNC ride and get to any location in no time—check out our guide to arranging a Lyft from Seattle Airport!

Useful Travel Tips & Resources

Here are a few pieces of information and phone numbers that you might find helpful when traveling via train to Seattle Airport:

  • Use the Transit GO Ticket App to purchase your public transport tickets the easy way
  • Check out the Sound Transit website for additional information 
  • Call 888-889-6368 between 7 AM and 7 PM for general inquiries
  • Use a train-to-plane shuttle, which is available to disabled passengers and those with excess luggage
  • Contact 800-201-4900, TTY Relay 711, for more information on accessibility
  • Check out the directions video to get to the SeaTac station easily


  • How much is a train to Sea-Tac Airport from downtown Seattle?

The train fare for a trip between Seattle Airport and downtown is $3.

  • How to get from Seattle Airport to the Amtrak station?

Take a train to the International District/Chinatown Station, exit it and walk to the King Street Station, where you can take an Amtrak train to your destination. The walk takes only 2 minutes.

  • How to travel by train from Seattle Airport to Pike Place Market?

Catch a train at the SeaTac Station to the University Street Station. Pike Place Market is less than 10 minutes away by foot.

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