Catch a Train to Philadelphia Airport

Last Updated on August 3, 2021 by Greg Bessoni

Finding a reliable, low-cost PHL transfer can be wearisome, especially during the ongoing pandemic when all shared-ride shuttles have stopped operating. Fortunately, taking a train to PHL Airport is still possible and cost-effective! Whether you need a train to Philadelphia Airport or plan to catch one at your terminal, our guide will assist you in getting around. Discover where to find airport train stations or city stops and learn about fares and other airport transfers!

Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority

SEPTA operates bus, trolleybus, and rail services across five counties in and around Philly. It’s a great choice for anyone who needs a safe, prompt, and affordable ride across the city. To travel hassle-free, download the SEPTA app, which is available for both iPhone and Android users. It has excellent reviews and allows you to search through the buses and trains and purchase a ticket or pass in a few clicks. You can also use it to see real-time schedules.

Travel by a SEPTA Train to Philadelphia Airport

The Airport Regional Rail Line connects PHL with the City of Philadelphia in around 25 minutes. You can catch a train to Philadelphia Airport every 30 minutes from approximately 5 AM to midnight. The last departure from PHL is at 12:30 AM. For more information, check out the Airport Line schedule, effective September 5, 2021.

PHL Airport Line Train Stops

Listed below are all the stations on the Airport Regional Rail Line—you can catch a train to or from any of them. Each Airport Line station is wheelchair-accessible:

  • Temple University
  • Jefferson Station
  • Suburban Station
  • 30th Street
  • University City
  • Eastwick
  • Terminal A—connects travelers to the east portion of the terminal
  • Terminal B—a short walk from the Marriot Hotel
  • Terminal C/D—close to both terminals; easy to access and navigate
  • Terminal E/F—the final stop of all trains; Terminal F is a short, indoor walk away

Connections to Other Regional Rail Lines & Amtrak

Wondering where to find connections to other SEPTA lines, Amtrak, NJ Transit, or bus services? Rest easy—we have all the info! Here are the stops along the Airport Line where you can make connections to other transportation services:

  • 30th Street Station—connections to SEPTA Regional Rail lines, Amtrak, NJ Transit Atlantic City Rail Line, Megabus, and BoltBus
  • Jefferson Station—SEPTA Regional Rail lines, Greyhound, and NJ Transit
  • Suburban Station—SEPTA Regional Rail lines

Airport Train Tickets & Fares

Whether traveling from PHL terminals or catching a train to Philadelphia Airport, make sure you purchase a Zone 4 weekday ticket. You can purchase a SEPTA Key Card from a Fare Kiosk at your terminal, buy a One-Day Individual Pass, or pay on-board using cash. If you opt for the SEPTA Key Card, note that the kiosks accept credit and debit cards only.

The list below shows Quick Trip fares that apply to one-way trips from the airport.

RouteOne-Way Fare
PHL to Eastwick$3.75
PHL to Philly City Center$6.75
PHL to Other SEPTA Destinations$9.25
One-Day Individual Pass for All Routes$13.00

When catching a train to Philadelphia Airport, purchase your ticket at a SEPTA Ticket Office at your station or on-board from a conductor.

SEPTA Bus Services

The bus service is the most affordable public transportation to Philadelphia Airport! Three SEPTA bus lines serve PHL daily:

  • Route 37—runs to and from South Philadelphia and Chester
  • Route 108—to/from 69th Street Transportation Center
  • Route 115—to/from Ardmore’s Suburban Square

A single-ride bus fare is only $2.50. PHL bus stops are available near all airport terminals, and you can find them outside of Baggage Claim at Zone 1.

Alternatives to SEPTA

Apart from taking a train service to Philadelphia Airport, you can opt for using one of the several other PHL transportation options! You can see all airport transfers and compare the rates in our in-depth guide to Philadelphia Airport Shuttle transportation. Check it out for the best and most cost-effective transfers from Philadelphia PHL Airport or find more information on private transfers or ride-sharing apps. We can also take you through the process of arranging an Uber at Philadelphia Airport—discover pick-up locations at PHL, drop-off spots, Uber fares, and more! Most airport passengers take trains from Philadelphia Airport to 30th Street Station. If this is your destination, go through other transfers that offer rides from PHL to 30th Street Station to compare their fares and services.


  • How much is the train from Philadelphia Airport to downtown?

A single-trip train fare from PHL to the city is $6.75.

  • How far is the train station from the airport in Philadelphia?

PHL is located around 7.5 miles from 30th Street Station. The train ride takes about 25 minutes.

  • How to use the train to Philadelphia Airport from NJ?

If coming from New Jersey, use NJ Transit Atlantic City Rail Line to 30th Street Station, and then hop on a train to any PHL Airport terminal. Alternatively, you can take an NJ Transit bus service to Jefferson Station on Market Street and then take a train to Philly Airport.

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