How To Take a Train to Orlando Airport

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The process of searching for a suitable airport transfer can be tiresome and includes various steps. Dependability, promptness, and affordability are the most important factors, and the Shuttle Fare team aims at providing you with information on the best services. Public transit is the cheapest choice but not always the most convenient. That’s why we’re here—to help you have a smooth journey if you plan on taking a train to Orlando Airport.


Greater Orlando’s commuter rail system—SunRail—offers safe travel opportunities to travelers across Central Florida. It covers downtown Orlando and many other locations in the area but doesn’t offer direct service to MCO. However, there’s a simple way to travel between the SunRail station and Orlando International Airport. We’ll throw some light on the process and help you get to or from the airport easily.

Travel by Train From Orlando Airport

The closest train station to MCO is the Sand Lake Road SunRail station located in the Pine Castle area, 6 miles from the airport. You can reach it via the Lynx bus link that also runs to several other locations, including downtown, Florida Mall, and SeaWorld. To get to the Lynx stop at MCO, head to the Ground Transportation Level on the A-Side of the terminal, and the bus will pick you up at Commercial Lane spaces A38-A41. Bus lines 11, 42, and 111 regularly operate to the Sand Lake Road station for only $2. See the Lynx map below that shows the location of several SunRail connections, including the Sand Lake Road.

How To Take a Train to Orlando Airport

When traveling to MCO, catch a train at Church Street Station in downtown Orlando—or any other SunRail stop—to the Sand Lake Road (L) station. At the station, look for the Lynx bus stop and hop on a bus 11, 42, or 111 to get to the Orlando Airport terminal in 20 minutes. Note that trains operate from 5:30 AM to 9:30 PM Monday through Friday. 

Here are all SunRail stations in Greater Orlando:

  • (A) DeBary at 630 South Charles R. Beall Blvd.
  • (B) Sanford at 2720 West State Rd. 46
  • (C) Lake Mary at 2200 West Lake Mary Blvd.
  • (D) Longwood at 149 East Church Ave.
  • (E) Altamonte Springs at 2741 South Ronald Reagan Blvd.
  • (F) Maitland at 801 North Orlando Ave.
  • (G) Winter Park/Amtrak at 148 West Morse Blvd.
  • (H) AdventHealth at 500 East Rollins St.
  • (I) Lynx Central at 101 West Livingston St.
  • (J) Church Street at 99 West South St.
  • (K) Orlando Health/Amtrak at 250 Columbia St
  • (L) Sand Lake Road at 8030 South Orange Ave. 
  • (M) Meadow Woods at 120 Fairway Woods Blvd.
  • (N) Tupperware at 3205 Orange Ave.
  • (O) Kissimmee/Amtrak at 320 Pleasant St.

SunRail Tickets & Fares

The fare for your SunRail ticket will depend on the number of zones traveled. See the list below for one-way and round-trip fares or use the form at the bottom of the SunRail website to calculate the price.

Number of ZonesOne-Way FareRound Trip

If going from the Church Street Station in downtown Orlando to the Sand Lake Road stop, your one-way ticket will cost $2. To reach Stanford from the Sand Lake Road Station, you’ll pay $3.

SunCards are a great option for frequent travelers! They are reloadable and can carry a pass or hold Prepaid Value. The pass cost will depend on the number of zones, too. For instance, you can purchase a weekly pass for 1 zone for $17 or a monthly pass for $56.

Orlando Airport to Amtrak Station

The Orlando Health/Amtrak station is about 11 miles away from MCO, and it’s served by SunRail as well. You have several ways to get from Orlando Airport to Amtrak Station:

  1. Use Lynx bus #11 to reach Orange Ave. and Columbia St. This bus stop is about half a mile away from the Amtrak Station in Orlando, which is a 9-minute walk. The bus fare is $2.
  2. Reach the Sand Lake Road via Lynx, and then hop on a train to the Orlando station. The total cost for this journey will be $4.
  3. Get a Lyft at Orlando Airport and reach the Amtrak station in 20 minutes! This is the most convenient and fastest choice but also the priciest one—fares start at $24.

Other Transportation Options at MCO

Choosing an ideal transfer to or from Orlando Airport depends on your destination, needs, and budget. The most affordable transportation service to the downtown area is the Lynx. If going to Sanford or Kissimmee, catching a SunRail train at the Sand Lake Road station is the most cost-effective option. However, if you wish to avoid connections and find a quicker ride, we have a few suggestions. Our guide to the Orlando Airport Shuttle services is the best resource—use it to find and compare all the transportation options at MCO! You will discover useful info on Super Shuttle Orlando and other transfers from MCO, as well as private transportation and rental cars. Alternatively, learn all about Lyft at Orlando Airport if you wish to arrange a convenient ride to the city.

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