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Finding suitable airport transportation requires extensive research and can be time-consuming, especially when it comes to major airports. Fortunately, you have Shuttle Fare on your side! If you search for a safe and affordable transfer to or from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, you’re in the right place. Learn how to travel by train to DFW Airport, where to take a train at the airport, and how much does it cost. You’ll also discover several transportation alternatives—compare them and use our tips to have the best experience!

Trains to Dallas Fort Worth Airport

DFW offers three public transportation services that allow passengers to reach numerous locations in the area. Whether you need a ride to Dallas, Fort Worth, or any place in-between, trains are your go-to choice! Use DART to get to Dallas, TEXRail connects passengers to Fort Worth, while TRE provides services between the two cities. Learn more about each option before you decide upon the most suitable one.

DART Train to DFW Airport

If you wish to reach any attraction or popular destination in Dallas, the Dallas Area Rapid Transit can help you do that hassle-free. DART trains start arriving at 3 AM and departing at 4 AM, so you can catch one whenever you land. Not only is this transport option convenient, but it’s also very affordable. A midday pass is $2.00, while a day pass costs $6.00—purchase them at any kiosk at the airport station or through the GoPass app.

How To Get to or From the DART Station

If flying into Dallas Fort Worth Airport, follow the instructions to reach the DFW Airport Station:

  • From Terminal A: Exit the terminal, and follow the signs to the lower level A10
  • From Terminals B, C, D, E: Follow the signage to the Terminal Link Shuttle stop, reach Terminal A, and head to the lower level at A10

Travelers who are flying out of DFW should use the following guidelines to get to their terminal:

  • To Terminal A: Follow the signs to Terminal A Departures located throughout the station
  • To Terminal B, C, D, E: Hop on the Terminal Link Shuttle and exit at your terminal

TEXRail Train to Dallas Airport

TEXRail trains run between DFW Airport and downtown Fort Worth via Grapevine and several other communities. Nine stations are available throughout the route. The first TEXRail train arrives at the airport at 4:30 AM, while the last train departs at 1 AM. You can purchase either a two-hour pass for $2.50 or a day pass for $5.00—they are available at the station kiosks and on the Trinity Metro website. The TEXRail station is at Terminal B.

How To Get to or From the TEXRail Station

After you land, here’s how you will get to the TEXRail station at DFW Airport:

  • From Terminal B: After you exit the terminal, go to the lower level at B47
  • From Terminals A, C, D, E: Hop on the Terminal Link Shuttle to Terminal B and then go to the lower level to reach the DFW train station

If you wish to take a train to DFW Airport from Fort Worth, here’s what you should do after your train arrives at the airport:

  • To Terminal B: Follow the signs to Terminal B Departures; it’s a short walk away
  • To Terminals A, C, D, E: Ride the Terminal Link Shuttle to your terminal and follow the signage to your departure gate 

TRE Train to DFW Airport

The Trinity Railway Express links Dallas and Fort Worth and allows you to see numerous locations across the metro area. Trains operate between 5 AM and 11 PM, and the two-hour pass costs $2.50. You can purchase it at the TRE CentrePort station or through the GoPass app. The TRE station is the only one that isn’t placed at a DFW terminal, although there’s a comfortable way to reach it. It will take more than 30 minutes in total, but it’s a good choice if you aren’t in a hurry.

How To Get to or From the TRE Station

After you fly into DFW and collect your baggage, here are the steps that you should take:

  1. Follow the Rental Car signs to the pick-up area on the lower level of the terminal
  2. Board the Rental Car shuttle bus
  3. Get to the lower level of the Rental Car Center
  4. Hop on the TRE shuttle bus to the CentrePort Station

Using a TRE train to DFW Airport? After you reach the CentrePort Station, catch the bus to the Rental Car Center, and then use the Rental Car Shuttle to get to your terminal. The signs will lead you to your departure gate.

Compare Your Options: Other DFW Airport Transfers

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport offers a wide range of transfers so that each passenger can find a ride that fits their needs. To find what works for you, check out the DFW Airport Shuttle guide that will introduce you to shuttle providers like Super Shuttle DFW, private transfers, taxis, TNCs, and rental cars. Private cars and taxis are quick but significantly pricier than public transport. TNCs like Uber and Lyft are a decent choice, while shuttles usually offer the perfect middle ground—they are more comfortable than public transit and cheaper than cabs. If searching for a ride between Dallas airports, you could also look into the Dallas Love Airport Shuttle.


  • Does the TRE go to DFW Airport?

TRE trains don’t stop directly at DFW Airport terminals but at the nearby CentrePort Station. Shuttle buses run between the Rental Car Center and the station every half an hour.

  • Does the DART train go to DFW Airport?

Yes, it stops on the lower level of Terminal A.

  • How much is a train from downtown Fort Worth to DFW Airport?

A two-hour pass for the TEXRail train service to DFW Airport is as low as $2.50.

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