Take a Train From Denver Airport to Downtown

Last Updated on September 17, 2021 by Snezana Grcak

The process of finding a suitable airport transfer can be exhausting. You have to take into account various factors and compare many transportation providers and rates. There is a way to avoid the time-consuming procedure and get yourself a reliable and low-cost transfer in no time—use Shuttle Fare! Our guide will provide the relevant travel information and tips that will help you take a train from Denver Airport to downtown hassle-free. You will also discover the A Line commuter train schedule, stations, fares, and airport transportation alternatives.

RTD A Line Commuter Train

The Regional Transportation District—which provides public transit services in Denver and several other counties—operates the University of Colorado A Line. Thanks to the A Line commuter train, Denver is one of the cities with a direct rail connection between the airport and the downtown area. Trains depart Denver Airport every 15 minutes during peak times. From 3 AM to 5 AM, as well as from 6:30 PM to 1 AM, they run every 30 minutes. Check out the A Line weekly schedule for precise departure times. The train from Denver Airport to downtown takes 37 minutes. 

A Line Stations

Eight stations are available along the 23-mile-long A Line:

  • Denver International Airport
  • 61st and Peña Blvd
  • 40th Ave and Airport Blvd
  • Peoria
  • Central Park
  • 40th and Colorado Blvd
  • 38th and Blake St
  • Denver Union Station

Six out of the eight train stops offer convenient parking spaces for travelers and commuters. Car parking at a station allows you to leave your vehicle in a safe and low-cost parking spot and then hop on a train to Denver Airport. This way, you can avoid paying for on-site parking at Denver International Airport.

The 61st and Peña Lot

The airport operates a popular outdoor parking lot placed at the 61st and Peña Boulevard station. Most drivers flying out of DEN choose this option since it’s the most affordable Denver Airport parking service—a daily parking rate is only $6 per day! Reservations are required, so be sure to pre-book your spot. Alternatively, you can check out cheap off-site parking lots, such as Canopy Airport Parking or ParkDIA.

How To Travel by Train From Denver Airport to Downtown

Catching a train from Denver Airport to downtown is child’s play when you have Shuttle Fare by your side! The Denver Airport train station is at the base of the DEN Transit Center, directly underneath the Westin Denver Airport hotel. It’s placed at the south end of the Jeppesen Terminal. Ticket vending machines are on the train platform, and you can find more information on tickets below. If you travel from the downtown Union Station to Denver Airport, use the escalator or elevator to reach Level 5—that’s where you will find the south entrance of the Jeppesen Terminal. DEN is one of the few airports with such a short distance between the train station and the check-in area.

Denver Airport Train Tickets & Fares

You can purchase the A Line tickets at the vending machines on the airport train platform or at the RTD Information Booth at the Transit Center. If your domestic flight is on Southwest, Delta, United, or American Airlines, you can also check your bag at the Center. 

Here are the A Line ticket fares for a train from Denver Airport to downtown:

Ticket TypeA Line Train Fare
Adult Day Pass$10.50
Senior & Disabled Day Pass$5.25
Youth (6-19) Day Pass$3.20
Children (up to 5 years old)Free

Each pass includes unlimited transfers on the A Line during a single day. RTD also offers a monthly pass for Denver Airport train rides and regional transfers, and the cost for adults is $200.

RTD Mobile Ticketing

To avoid queues and skip ticket vending machines, you can use the RTD Mobile Tickets app to buy your train ticket. Download the RTD app from Google Play or App Store. Purchasing tickets is easy and quick, and you don’t have to print them to board the train. Activate your ticket within the app before boarding and show it to the fare inspector.

Other Ground Transportation Options at DEN

Public buses and trains offer the most affordable transportation services to and from Denver Airport. A one-day pass for RTD buses costs the same as the A Line Day Pass, $10.50. If you’re traveling to Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, or Wyoming, consider using Groome Transportation. You have several airport transfer alternatives if you’re willing to spend more money for more privacy. Check out the most popular transfers from Denver DEN Airport or go through our guide to see how much is Uber to Denver Airport. The simplest way of comparing all DEN ground transportation options is by going through the Denver Airport Shuttle guide. YAlternatively, use our booking form to discover all the services and rates in a couple of seconds!

A Line Train From Denver Airport to Downtown FAQs

  • Where is the Denver Airport train station?

The Denver Airport station is at the base of the Transit Center, directly underneath the Westin Denver Airport hotel.

  • How long is the train ride from Denver Airport to downtown Denver?

The train ride from Denver Airport to downtown takes 37 minutes. 

  • How much is the train from Denver Airport to downtown?

The adult Day Pass includes unlimited transfers on the A Line during a single day and costs $10.50. 

Shuttle Fare can help you get to any airport stress-free! Check out our guides to learn how to get to Oakland Airport by BART, how to get an Uber to Newark Airport, or all about Lyft at JFK. Look us up whenever you need a train from Denver Airport to downtown or low-cost transportation to any other airport!