Top 10 Airline Instagram Accounts

Last Updated on May 28, 2019 by Greg Bessoni

Do you fly frequently?  Do you use Instagram?  Even if you answered no to both of these, you may still find our list of the 10 most influential Airlines on Instagram.  

#10 Cathay Pacific, with over 1/2 million Twitter followers and  Instagram followers this airline offers Instagram followers amazing pictures of places around the world,

#9 Thai Airways has 4-5 times the amount of followers on Instagram than they do on Twitter.  Each post on Instagram is getting 10-20x more engagement than a Tweet.

#8 Qantas has almost 1M followers on Instagram, almost double that of their Twitter following but again, like Thai Airways, their engagement with fans is much stronger on Instagram.

#7 Hawaiian Airlines depicts amazing landscapes but more than any other Instagram account, offer people in their photos.  We’d suspect why it has such great engagement.

#6 WOW Airlines similar to Hawaiian feature real customers in their IG posts frequently, however, their total following is on the lower end of only 175K followers.

#5 Making our top 5, Lufthansa has one of the largest numbers of followers on Instagram and tend to feature beautiful landscape photography with high user engagement in the forms of Likes.  

#4 Icelandair posts are very high-end photography and it’s becoming very popular on Instagram as it produces great engagement results

#3 Star Alliance, made up of 28 airlines, so kinda not 100% fair to have them compete with one airline company, however, we still put them on our list with their unique arrangement of posts, some which appear to be user-generated.

#2 Singapore Airlines has an amazing portfolio of posts and we love how the show off their planes amazing interiors.  Makes you want to upgrade every time.

#1 Swiss International Air Lines comes in at number one, offering up a no thrills account but with a huge following engagement activity.  Congratulations

Note: Below we’ve included some of the metrics shared via Buzzsumo’s Influencer Identification Tool. These may or may not have an influence on how the Twitter accounts are ranked.

1Swiss Intl Air Lines 6479257.7K0%97%7.7
2Singapore Airlines 
3Star Alliance 
6WOW air  516936.8K40%39%6.3
7Hawaiian Airlines 
9Thai Airways  6173103.7K0%95%26.1
10Cathay Pacific 

How is this list calculated?We used Buzzsumo to rank the top Airline’s and their Instagram following.  If you are curious as to how their influencer identification tool works, here’s what they had to say;
‘So the technical answer is: It is based on the relevancy of Elasticsearch’
Now, we did a bit of research into Elasticsearch and to be honest, if you’re not a developer it’s pretty difficult to understand.
However, if you really want to try and understand it, watch this video.