Tipping Guide for Shuttles, Taxis, and Other Ride Services

Last Updated on January 4, 2021 by Greg Bessoni

With all of the service-based employees these days in different industries, it’s hard to keep track of average tipping rates. Our guide shares how much to tip airport shuttle, taxis, Uber, Lyft, limousine drivers, valet parking, and other transportation services (international tipping included)! 

ServiceAverage Tip
Airport Shuttle (short distance)$1 – $5
Airport Shuttle (long distance)10%–20% 
Private Limousine 15% – 20%
Taxis15% – 20%
Uber & LyftNo tip required (but appreciated)
Valet Parking$1 – $5 
how much to tip shuttle driver

How Much to Tip Shuttle Driver

Millions of rides have been completed through Shuttlefare – we work with over 500 large and small airport shuttle companies. After calling and emailing our partners, we found out that average tips for shuttle bus services depend on a few things.

How long is the ride? If you’re taking a shorter shared shuttle ride (like under 15 miles), then $1 – $5 is a good tip range. Once the rides get longer, this should switch to 15% – 20% of the total price. 

How Much to Tip Taxi

Although your taxi bill might widen your eyes, it’s still important to tip for their service. A good rule of thumb for tipping taxi drivers is 15%–20% of the total bill. 

If you use cabs often, check out Uber, Lyft, and other ride services to see if you can save money off your typical fare! These services are often cheaper.  

How Much to Tip Uber or Lyft

Unfortunately, many riders don’t tip Uber or Lyft as often even though the rides are typically cheaper than taxis. With the apps, you’re asked to tip after the ride is finished and it’s easier to ignore the question. 

People have come to the conclusion that you don’t need to tip the Lyft or Uber driver. However, these drivers are often paid low rates and rely on tips to make a living wage. Even if they don’t turn around and pout as you exit their car, you should still consider tipping.

For Lyft and Uber tipping, you should tip the same as a taxi: 15%–20%.  

Tipping Private Limousines

You probably won’t encounter limos as often, but tipping limousine drivers is just as important as everybody else. You’ll want to follow the same 15%–20% rate (even if the bill is very high). Limousine drivers typically make a base salary as well, so they rely on tips.

Tipping Valet Parking

Like when you tip airport shuttle drivers, tipping valet is pretty straightforward. $2–$5 is a good rule of thumb. 

Public Transportation

It’s uncommon to tip when using public transportation

International Tipping

International Tipping

Tipping rates in America are pretty easy to remember, but what about when you use these services overseas? This is where it gets confusing. 

Before you pull out the tip calculator, make sure to study typical rates in the country you’re visiting. You might have to tip more, not at all, or the tip might even be added to your bill. Some cultures consider tips insulting! 

There also may be new tipping circumstances that you wouldn’t experience in your home country. For example, you’re more likely to wonder how much to tip a tour guide when you’re in Rome exploring the city. 

Average tips also vary depending on the country


The statement service compris on your bill means no tip is required, but most locals still leave up to 10 percent. At hotels, you should hand over 2 euros per bag, 1–2 euros for the housekeeper, and 10–15 euros for each restaurant reservation made by a concierge. A guide should receive 25–50 euros per person, 25 euros for a separate driver, and 10–20 euros for a shuttle tip (airport shuttle). Taxi drivers should receive 10% to 15%. 


In Italy, a 10% tip should be given at restaurants. Porters should receive 5 euros and housekeepers should receive 1–2 euros per night (slightly more for excellent service). Otherwise, tips aren’t necessary. 

United Kingdom

At restaurants, service charges are often included. If not, tip 10% to 15%. Porters should receive 1–2 pounds per bag and housekeepers should receive 1–2 pounds per night. Provide 20 pounds per day for a tour guide and 10 pounds for a driver.  

Australia & New Zealand

Although many people will refuse your tip here (especially in New Zealand), you can still try. Waiters and beauty/spa treatments should receive 10% – 15%, a taxi driver should receive $5, private guides should receive $20 – $50 per person, bus tour guides should receive $5 – $10 per person, and private drivers should receive $25 – $50 per person. 


Like many Asian countries, tipping in China is not customary. However, if you’re staying at a hotel that caters to luxury overseas visitors, the person who takes your luggage will want a tip (5 RMB per bag is ideal). Fine hotels and restaurants in China may also add a service charge of 10% to 15%, so nothing is expected beyond that. 

If you insist on tipping, do it out of sight and not in front of their boss.


At restaurants, a 10% gratuity is typical for the waiter (unless they include a 10% service charge). A private car and driver should receive a tip of 400–500 rupees. At hotels, the porter should get $1 per bag (50 rupees) and the housekeeper should receive $5 per night (250 rupees) as they are low-paid. 

How much to tip a cab driver in India? They’re not used to tips, but rounding up is common for tourists, so you can tell them to keep the change. 


In Brazil, a 10% service charge is included at restaurants for the tip and you don’t need to leave more. At hotels, you should tip $2 per bag for porters and $2 per day for the housekeeper. Big tips should be given to private car service and all-day tour guides ($20–$50 depending on quality of service).

Bottom Line

All in all, you will have to deal with tipping whether you remain in the United States or travel the world. There are plenty of opportunities in transportation services alone to leave a tip – airport shuttle, Uber, Lyft, taxi, private limousines, and valet parking. Even so, there isn’t too much difference when it comes to average tips unless you’re traveling abroad. Side note: These tip suggestions don’t apply to non-transportation services such as Instacart delivery or dining at restaurants.