The top 5 most Popular Trips people take from New York

Last Updated on December 20, 2018 by Greg Bessoni

New York City is a great place to live, work or visit.  People who do live here, know that even for all of New York’s amazing qualities, everyone from time to time has the urge to leave and visit somewhere different.  Because we were very curious where people from New York enjoyed visiting,  we researched for weeks and have compiled the top 5 destinations New Yorkers travel to, plus we give you a little insight on each place.  Enjoy!

#1 Paris, France

The great thing about Paris is you can be there door to door in less than 9 hours.  The lowest average prices of hotels in Paris are during the month of June at $85.00 USD.  And if you’re looking to go in the near future, fly between January 23 and February 13 at a ticket price of $266.

#2 London, United Kingdom

London is roughly 8 hours travel time from New York.  Like Paris, the average hotel cost is lowest during the month of June at $215.00 USD.  We suggest you fly during any weeks in March for around $315.00 USD.

#3 Los Angeles, CA

The City of Angeles, home of Venice Beach, roughly 6 hours travel time has the lowest hotel prices during the month of May.  But if you’re dying to go for a 3-day trip, go February 6 to February 9 for only $204.00 USD.

#4 Orlando, Florida

Epcot, Disney World all can be yours under 3 hours and if you go during the month of February, you will only pay $68.00 USD.  What’s even better, if you travel from January 8 to January 16, you can snag a flight for only $60.00 USD.

#5 Rome, Italy

If you want to stay on the cheap in Rome, go during the month of November at a price tag of $262.00 USD a night.  Travel time to Rome is about 10 hours and if you book a flight February 24th for 7 days, you will pay around $292.00 USD.

When flying to any of these amazing and very popular destinations be sure to book a ride with Super Shuttle JFK or if you’re leaving your car at the airport, book early and go to JFK Airport Parking to reserve a spot.  Happy travels.