Salt Lake Express vs St. George Shuttle: Complete Guide & Review

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When it comes to choosing the right airport shuttle provider in Utah or Nevada, it’s good to collect all the necessary information before you go on a trip. In this article, we’ll have a look at the two most known airport shuttles in Utah, Nevada, and Idaho to compare their benefits and see if there are any alternatives. 

Salt Lake Express is a regular shuttle bus service provider taking people to over 100+ destinations across several US states such as Arizona, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming. Among the most popular cities that Salt Lake Express operates in are Las Vegas, Salt Lake, Idaho Falls, and St. George, UT. 

Recently, Salt Lakes Express acquired St. George Express, and so now the latter is operating under Salt Lake Express providing more comprehensive transfer services in Utah. However, St. George Express should not be confused with St. George Shuttle because these are different shuttle bus service providers. 

St. George Shuttle is another regular bus transportation service provider that mostly focuses on operating in Utah (Salt Lake, Zion National Park, etc.), but they also cover Nevada (Las Vegas), and Idaho. 

We will have a look at each of these companies can compare their: 

  • Range of services 
  • Transport availability 
  • Transportation costs 
  • Travel schedules 

But before we jump into the airport shuttle companies review, let’s first define what shuttle bus means. 

What does a shuttle bus mean? 

According to the dictionary, a shuttle runs between two or more places regularly. Usually, it runs between an airport and a particular destination. A shuttle is a public transport that’s usually a bus, however, it can also be a train, van or other transport. The idea of a shuttle is providing quick and comfortable trips regularly. 

Now, when we’ve figured out the shuttle bus meaning, let’s go straight to the first service provider – Salt Lake Express. 

Salt Lake Express Services 

Salt Lake Express Bus

Salt Lake Express provides a broad spectrum of services that go beyond just airport shuttle services. The company also provides:

  • Charters (allows you to rent out a bus for an event, private group travel, school travel, etc.);
  • Door-to-door pick-up service (they will pick you up wherever you are);
  • One-way and round trips to different locations such as Yellowstone Park, Marriott Center.

Salt Lake Express has several buses at its disposal which they offer to depend on the size of your group: 

  • MCI D-Series (56 seats);
  • Grech Freightliner M2 GM40 (36 seats);
  • M1235 (29 seats);
  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (17 seats).

As you might have guessed, they all come at different prices if you’re organizing a private trip or renting out buses for a special event. You may check out the contact information on their website to learn more about their pricing policies. 

Salt Lake Express transportation costs and schedules

Salt Lake Express announced $19 bus fares for the Utah-Idaho-Vegas routes. However, the transfer costs always depend on your location, how far you travel, and what luggage you have. 

Speaking about time and schedule, you can check out: 

  • Travel information guide (recommendations on timing)
  • FAQ (apart from general information, it also contains useful info for people with disabilities)

When it comes to comfort, Salt Lake Express offers individual outlets, extra storage, bottled water, and extra-legroom, although a lot of people point out poor service level, according to TripAdvisor

Salt Lake Express reviews 

One of the worst Salt Lake Express reviews refers to its customer service: 

Salt Lake Express Review

One of the best Salt Lake Express reviews is:

St. George Shuttle services 

St. George Shuttle and Executive Shuttle

Being a local shuttle bus service provider, St.George Shuttle is located at 1275 E Red Hills Pkwy, St. George UT 84770. It raised the bar in terms of extending their services and increasing the comfort level. Apart from standard airport shuttle bus services they also offer: 

  • Standard and luxury charter services (especially useful for romantic ceremonies);
  • Private Utah TAXI (24 hours a day, 7 days a week);
  • Accommodation opportunities (Zion National Park, Red Mountain, Green Valley, etc.).

St. George Shuttle provides a wide choice of vehicles including:

  • Two large group charter buses;
  • Chrysler 300m (4 seats);
  • Toyota Sequoia (7 seats).

The company does not disclose private and charter bus costs on their site, so please call St. George Shuttle toll-free at (800) 933-8320. However, they do provide other shuttle costs for any shuttle ride to and from St. George.

St. George Shuttle transportation costs 

When it comes to simple airport shuttle transfers or just intercity travel, the prices at St. George Shuttle start at $19. The most popular routes include:

  • St. George to Las Vegas – $19+
  • St. George to Salt Lake City – $39+
  • Rexburg to Salt Lake City – $33+
  • Mesquite to Las Vegas – $25+

Depending on your route, the St. George Shuttle price will vary. However, each ride has its benefits including free Wi-Fi, bottled water, and charging stations. 

St. George Shuttle schedule 

The company has different schedules on their site which you can look at when choosing the right airport shuttles departure and arrival time in St. George, Utah, Vegas, or anywhere else. For example, here is what St. George Shuttle schedule to Las Vegas, McCarran Airport looks like this: 

You can find more information at St. George Shuttle’s website

St. George Shuttle Reviews 

According to many positive reviews at TripAdvisor, St. George Shuttle is among the top airport shuttles in Utah and Las Vegas. 

One of the best St. George Shuttle reviews is: 

St. George Shuttle Reviews

One of the worst St. George Shuttle reviews is:

Hopefully, this article has given you some insights on the two airport shuttles and their offers, and you can now decide which airport shuttle provider to choose. In case you’re looking for an alternative solution, you may also see the Shuttlefare airport shuttles

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