Cheap ways to Atlanta Airport from Memphis Airport

Memphis Airport and Atlanta Airport are about 3 hours driving distance. Flying between the cities costs anywhere from $146 – $456. But if you’re looking to save money, we recommend Megabus or Greyhound USA. Megabus starting at $29 per seat Greyhound USA starting at $44 per seat

How To Book a Cheap Airport Shuttle

Frequent customers of are familiar with our Top 2 shared ride shuttle brands, SuperShuttle, and Go Airport Shuttle.  But if you haven’t used our site before and still on the fence about doing so, we still want you to get the cheapest, best airport transportation.  We’d say about 95% of the time, we’ll be … Read more

Is it really only $20 to LAX from Anywhere?

We know a lot of you have been asking us about this $20 shuttle ride to LAX and we wanted and set the record straight. To start, the company claims it has been offering $20 fares to LAX since 2011. We checked, it was operating in Jan of 2011 and actually had it’s first review…and … Read more

Get To The Airport Early & Relax

JFK is full of amazing lounges that you can relax in before your flight.Here are a few: #1 The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse, New York-JFK Virgin Atlantic JFK Clubhouse is designed to be both forward-thinking and playful. It’s a place you actually want to spend time and relax in. The lounge is equipped with a trendy … Read more

4 Common questions when thinking about taking a SuperShuttle

SuperShuttle, also known as Blue Van, is the most popular shared ride transportation brand in the United States and potentially throughout the world. SuperShuttle provides shared ride airport van service in 40 cities across in the US and Internationally. SuperShuttle is a well-known brand with any households and when people think of airport transportation, Super … Read more

The top 5 most Popular Trips people take from New York

New York City is a great place to live, work or visit.  People who do live here, know that even for all of New York’s amazing qualities, everyone from time to time has the urge to leave and visit somewhere different.  Because we were very curious where people from New York enjoyed visiting,  we researched … Read more

Caution: Direct Flights And Nonstop Flights are not the same thing.

Like a great many people, you most likely utilize the expressions “non-stop flight” and “direct flight” reciprocally. Be that as it may, there’s really a distinction among them, and recognizing what it is can enable you to settle on progressively educated choices when booking travel.  A direct flight doesn’t make any stops between its root … Read more

The Best Way To And From JFK (John F. Kennedy) Airport

There are many ways to get to JFK from Manhattan. You could walk (wouldn’t advise that), you can drive (probably wouldn’t advise that either), heck you could even swim through the Hudson (definitely wouldn’t advise that).  If you’re like most travelers, price influences how you decide to get from place to place. Here, we’ll take … Read more

What To Do After a Lyft or Uber Accident (or Assault)

Uber Accident Lyft

Uber and safety have never been the best of friends. Considering how easy it is to become a driver, it’s not a surprise that there are some shady people on the platform. It seems there is always a new story in the news about someone being assaulted, kidnapped, or even killed after an Uber or … Read more

Vacation from the New York Winter on a Budget

So the dreaded New York Winter is upon us. And you finally saved up enough to dodge it. You bought plane tickets to a warm destination. Somewhere on the west coast perhaps? The Caribbean? Nonetheless, you’ve got your tickets for a low price using your savvy, thrifty bargain-hunting skills. Now, all that’s left is actually … Read more