Travel by MARC Train to BWI

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If you’re searching for a reliable and low-cost ride to BWI from Washington, DC, or any other place in the area, train service is the best choice! The MTA offers several transportation services, including MARC trains, which stop near the airport terminals. Discover the airport station location and how to get a MARC train to BWI Airport without any hassle. You’ll also learn about airport shuttles, MARC train stations in other cities, transportation alternatives, and more! 

Where Is the BWI Airport Rail Station?

The BWI Airport rail station is located in Linthicum, approximately a 10-minute drive away from the terminals. The address is 7 Amtrak Way, BWI Airport, MD 21240, United States. Apart from MARC regional rail lines, it’s also served by Amtrak Northeast Corridor trains and a few local buses. That’s why the station is often called the MARC/Amtrak station. Here are its working hours:

BWI Airport Rail Station

How To Get to the MARC/Amtrak Station

Traveling between the airport and MARC/Amtrak station is easy, thanks to the free BWI Airport shuttle service! Complimentary shuttles run around the clock. At the airport, shuttles pick up passengers on the lower level, outside of the Baggage Claim area. Four shuttles stops are available at BWI. If searching for the shuttle at the MARC/Amtrak station, cross the street, and wait for one next to the rail station garage. The shuttle will drop you off near your airline check-in counter at BWI.

Catch a MARC Train to BWI

If you plan on taking a MARC train to BWI, the process will be painless! You can catch a train at many stations in the area, including Baltimore and Washington, DC, which are the most popular locations. Learn about each location below, and check out the MARC train schedule for departure times.

Train From Washington, DC, to BWI

The Washington Union Station is regularly served by MARC’s Penn Line, as well as Amtrak trains. It’s placed at 50 Massachusetts Avenue NE and offers a 24/7 service. We suggest that you arrive half an hour before the scheduled departure time or more if you’re checking luggage. You may purchase your ticket at any vending machine within the station. The trip from the Union Station to the BWI Airport rail station takes 30 to 40 minutes, which is significantly faster than traveling by car. The one-way fare is $8.00. If you require more info, reach out to the Union Station ticket office at 202-906-3104.

Train From Baltimore City to BWI

The Baltimore Penn Station is placed at 1500 North Charles Street. It’s open all the time, except between 2 AM and 3 AM, while the ticket office is accessible from 5:10 AM to 9:30 PM. Purchasing your MARC ticket is easy—use the vending machines located at the station or the CharmPass app. The one-way fare from the Penn Station to the BWI rail station is $6.00, and the ride takes less than 15 minutes! Get in touch with the Penn Station staff by calling 410-291-4165.

Take a MARC Train From Other Cities

MARC Penn Line System Map

As you can see on the MARC system map, trains run through many places between Washington, DC, and Havre de Grace. The list below shows the Penn Line stop locations other than DC and Baltimore. Need a train ride from Prince George’s County, Anne Arundel County, Harford County, or Cecil County? Here’s where you can catch a MARC train:

City/PlaceTrain Station Location
New CarrolltonNew Carrollton Metro Station (4300 Garden City Drive)
SeabrookLanham Severn Road (MD Route 564)
Bowie StateBowie State University (Laurel-Bowie Road)
OdentonOdenton Station (1400 Odenton Road)
Martin State Airport StationEastern Boulevard (Across from MTN)
Edgewood Old Edgewood Road (US Route 40)
Aberdeen US Route 40 East
Perryville Broad Street and Harford Avenue

You can buy your MARC ticket at most stations, and the fare depends on your destination. See all the prices and purchase methods below.

MARC Train Fares to BWI

To assist you in designing a perfect travel plan, reducing your costs, or comparing trains to other transfers, we looked into MARC fares. Check the following list to discover the train fare from any station on the Penn Line to the MARC/Amtrak station near Baltimore Airport:

Departure StationTrain Fare to BWI Airport
Washington, DC$8.00
New Carrollton$7.00
Bowie State$6.00
West Baltimore$6.00
Penn Station$6.00
Martin State Airport$7.00

In addition to buying tickets on-site at a station, you have another, more convenient option! The CharmPass App allows both Apple and Android users to purchase their MARC tickets online through their phones. The app gives you complete access to the train fare chart and enables you to get daily, weekly, or monthly passes.

Other BWI Airport Transfers

If you’re having second thoughts about choosing the airport transfer, go through other options to make sure you find the most suitable ride! When it comes to low-cost public transit, the MTA offers bus services, too. The #107 bus connects airport passengers to countless locations in the city. Airport shuttles are a great alternative—they offer more convenience for slightly higher rates. To discover all BWI transfers, including both shared and private rides, go through the Baltimore Airport Shuttle guide. It also provides information on rental cars, taxis, and buses. Learn more about leading shuttle companies like BayRunner Shuttle or Super Shuttle BWI before you opt for one company and find the best transfer from BWI in no time!


  • How much is the MARC train from BWI to DC?

The one-way MARC train fare from BWI to DC is $8.00.

  • How long does a MARC train take from BWI to Union Station?

The trip between the BWI Airport rail station and Washington Union Station takes between 30 and 40 minutes.

  • What MARC line goes from BWI to DC?

MARC Penn Line serves both BWI and Union Station in Washington, DC.

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