Request a Lyft to Newark Airport

Last Updated on August 3, 2021 by Greg Bessoni

If you wish to travel conveniently and avoid scheduled airport transfers, ride-sharing apps are a great choice! Requesting a ride is simple and quick, and you choose the type of vehicle and service. Both Uber and Lyft serve Newark Liberty International Airport and take airport passengers to and from various locations in the area. This guide will help you get a Lyft to Newark Airport and find a Lyft pick-up spot at EWR. We will give you a glimpse into Lyft prices and provide tips on saving money and traveling stress-free!

Lyft at Newark Airport

Newark Airport allows Lyft drivers to pick up and drop off passengers at convenient locations on either Arrivals or Departures Level. Ride-sharing services used to be one of the most cost-effective airport transportation options, but that has changed since the pandemic started. Sharing a ride isn’t allowed at the moment, so the most affordable airport transfers aren’t available. However, you still have a wide range of choices. Request a Lyft at EWR to see available rides, but check out the pick-up locations and Lyft fares below before you set off.

Lyft Newark Airport Pick-Up Location

Finding a Lyft pick-up spot at Newark Airport is quite simple. All ride-sharing drivers at EWR collect travelers on the Arrivals Level. When ordering a ride on the app, use the map to put the pin in the spot where you would like to be picked up. If it’s possible, the driver will wait for you there; if not, the app will automatically move the pin to the closest pick-up point. That’s where you should go and meet your driver.

Lyft to Newark Airport: Drop-Offs

If requesting a Lyft ride to any EWR Airport terminal, your driver will take you to the location closest to your terminal entrance. Tell the driver your terminal or airline, and they will drop you off on the Departures Level.

Lyft Fare Estimates to Popular Destinations

To assist you in developing a clever travel plan, we looked into average Lyft fares to the most popular locations in the area. Go through the list below to discover the prices for Lyft rides from Newark Airport to Manhattan, Brooklyn, LaGuardia, and more! These rates apply to rides from EWR to the listed locations, but they may be subject to availability, traffic, and the time of the day.

Newark $21-24$24-28$28-32
Penn Station$50-55$55-60$65-70
Central Park$50-55$60-65$70-77
LaGuardia Airport$85-93$100-110$110-120

Check our list of the most popular transfers & rates from EWR and learn how much to tip your Lyft driver in our helpful Tipping Guide! If you search for transfers between New York City airports, go through our guides to JFK Airport and LaGuardia. You can also learn more about requesting Uber to Newark Airport and compare the prices.

Other EWR Airport Transfers

If you’re still not sure whether to reserve a Lyft or another EWR transfer, we suggest going through our Newark Airport Shuttle Guide. It offers information on all ground transportation services at the airport. You can use our booking form to see and compare all transfers in no time! Shuttle Fare provides relevant details on airport hotels with shuttles, too—our guide has their contact details if you wish to call and book a room. We can also help you learn more about GO Airlink NYC and Super Shuttle Express and make a safe reservation in a few clicks! 

Is Lyft at EWR cheaper than Uber?

To help you opt for the most affordable ride, we compared Uber and Lyft rates to a couple of destinations. If you’re wondering whether to request a Lyft or an Uber to Newark Airport, we suggest using Lyft. Uber Pool hasn’t been available since the pandemic started, and Uber’s lowest price estimates are usually more expensive than Lyft.


  • Does Lyft pick up at Newark Airport?

Yes! Lyft drivers pick passengers up on the Arrivals Level.

  • How much does it cost to order Lyft from Newark Airport to Manhattan?

Lyft fares for rides between EWR and Manhattan start at $60.

  • Is Lyft at EWR cheaper than taxis?

In most cases, the Newark Airport taxi service is slightly more affordable than Lyft.

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