All About Lyft: Portland Airport

Last Updated on October 3, 2021 by Snezana Grcak

App-based transportation is a great option for Portland Airport passengers headed to the city or its suburbs. It’s more affordable than taxi services and significantly quicker than buses. Finding the driver after landing may be stressful, though, but that’s where we come in! Our guide will direct you to the Lyft Portland Airport pick-up spot, provide drop-off information, and introduce Lyft fare estimates. Shuttle Fare will also assist you in comparing the TNC with other PDX transfers and finding the most suitable ride in no time!

Lyft in Portland

Portland Airport passengers have three Lyft ride options: Lyft personal ride, XL, and Lux transfer. It usually offers more services, but these are the main ride types that fit both single travelers and groups. The personal ride is the most affordable, and you can share it with a couple of friends to lower your costs. If you have plenty of luggage, choose one of the two more spacious options. Arrange your Lyft at Portland Airport after picking up your bags or make a reservation up to seven days prior to your trip.

Lyft Pick-Up at PDX

Finding your TNC driver after landing is easy. Take the following steps to request a ride properly and reach the vehicle in a couple of minutes without any hassle:

  1. Follow the Baggage Claim signs
  2. Pick up your luggage
  3. Use the phone app to arrange a ride
  4. Exit the Baggage Claim area
  5. Head to Island 2 and look for your ride

Make sure you are at the right pick-up area since other app-based companies collect passengers on the opposite side of the island. See the map for the exact location.

Drop-Offs at Portland Airport

PDX has one designated drop-off area for all transportation network companies. When you arrange a Lyft ride to Portland Airport, your driver will take you to the Upper Level and drop you off at the center of the outer roadway. It’s steps away from the terminal entrance. If you require help, feel free to ask your driver for assistance.

Lyft Portland Airport Fares to Popular Destinations

The total cost of your ride depends on your destination, and we looked into Lyft fares to several popular locations to give you a glimpse of their prices. Whether you need a ride from Portland Airport to downtown, Amtrak Station, or Hillsboro, you’ll find the fare estimate in the list below. Note that the rates are subject to change and don’t include tips. Before you start your journey, check out the Tipping Guide to see what’s the appropriate amount for your tip.

DestinationLyftLyft XL
Northeast Portland$15-18$18-21
Vancouver, WA$24-28$36-40
Downtown Portland$28-32 $40-45
Portland Amtrak Station$28-32$36-40 
University of Portland$30-35$35-42

Lyft vs. Uber at Portland Airport

If you’re wondering whether to choose Lyft or Uber, we’ll help you by providing Uber price estimates for a couple of rides. Uber transfers from PDX to downtown Portland cost as low as $35, as opposed to Lyft rides, which start at approximately $28. Uber rides to Hillsboro are more affordable, and the price is around $56. You may consider using Wingz as well—its transfers to Portland start at $35, too. However, if your destination is located farther away, Wingz will be more expensive than both Lyft and Uber, so we recommend choosing one of them.

Other PDX Airport Transfers

Portland International Airport offers an array of ground transportation options, so you might want to look into your alternatives. To discover all the services and their rates, check out our Portland Airport Shuttle guide, which provides information on airport shuttles, taxis, rental cars, and buses. You can go through all the companies that provide transfers from PDX to Portland or any other destination. Passengers searching for a low-cost ride between Portland and Seattle should learn more about taking a train to Seattle Airport. Buses are also budget-friendly, and Groome Transportation is the most popular bus provider in the area that serves PDX.


  • How much is Lyft from downtown Portland to the airport?

A Lyft ride between downtown Portland PDX will cost around $30.

  • Where is the Lyft pick-up spot at PDX?

The Lyft pick-up point at PDX is at Island 2 outside of the Baggage Claim area.

  • Is Uber or Lyft cheaper in Portland?

It depends on your destination and several other factors. Lyft is more affordable for rides to the downtown area, while Uber offers lower rates for destinations outside the city.

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