All About Lyft at SFO

Last Updated on September 3, 2021 by Snezana Grcak

If traveling to SFO for the first time and stressing about getting a lift from your terminal, Shuttle Fare can help! Use our guide to learn all about Lyft at SFO, including information on pick-ups and drop-offs, as well as Lyft fares. You will also find out the nitty-gritty of other airport transfers so that you can compare them and find the perfect one. 

Lyft at SFO Airport

The transportation network company offers five ride types to San Francisco Airport passengers: personal, supersized, high-end, luxury, and spacious luxury rides. While arranging a transfer to or from SFO, choose the one that fits your needs, budget, and group size. Make sure to request your ride after collecting your bags. See the pick-up spots below.

Lyft From SFO: Pick-Ups

Upon requesting the transfer, you’ll need to confirm your pick-up location at SFO. The Lyft meeting point depends on the terminal:

  • Domestic Terminals: Level 5 of the Domestic Parking Garage
  • International Terminal: Departures level, at center island zones 14 to 17

The San Francisco Airport map below shows the exact locations of both pick-up points. You should also follow the SFO signs throughout the terminal that will lead you to them.

Lyft to SFO: Drop-Offs

At Domestic Terminals, app-based companies drop travelers off curbside on either Departures or Arrivals levels. Alternatively, the driver can take you to Level 5 of the Domestic Parking Garage, which is a great choice if you wish to avoid traffic. At International Terminal, the main drop-off point is on the Departures’ center island, just like the pick-up spot. You have an alternative, though—the driver can drop you off on the Arrivals level as well. This point is recommended during peak times.

Lyft Fares for Transfers to Popular Destinations

The Shuttle Fare team singled out popular destinations in the area and looked into Lyft fares for those transfers. We listed them below to help you plan your trip down to the smallest detail. Check them out, but note that prices vary based on time of the day, traffic, or other factors. 

San Mateo$25$35$42
Daly City$30$32$35
Downtown San Francisco$28$40$55
Union Square$32$45$55
Redwood City$32$50$60
San Jose$70$105$120

Also, don’t forget to include a tip for your driver—learn what’s the appropriate amount in our Tipping Guide.

Transportation Alternatives: Other SFO Transfers

Before you decide upon your airport transfer, you may want to learn more about other options! You have several great alternatives to app-based companies, including shuttles and public transit. The SFO Airport Shuttle guide provides information on the best transfers from SFO, including fares and contact details. There’s also a booking form at the top of the page that may help you compare all the services in no time! In addition to airport shuttles like Super Shuttle SFO and American Airporter, we can help you find out more about bus services, such as Groome Transportation. If searching for a ride between San Francisco and Oakland Airport, learn how to get to Oakland Airport by BART!


  • Where does Lyft pick up at SFO?

Lyft drivers pick up on Level 5 of the Domestic Garage and Departures level of International Terminal, at center island zones 14 to 17.

  • Is Lyft or Uber cheaper in San Francisco?

The prices are actually similar, and the difference is insignificant.

  • How much is Lyft from SFO to San Jose?

Lyft fares for transfers between SFO and San Jose start at $70.

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