Get a Lyft at McCarran Airport

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Harry Reid International Airport (formerly McCarran International Airport) has two main terminal buildings and an extensive array of ground transportation options! If you plan to request a Lyft at McCarran Airport or to LAS, you’ll need some guidance to reach your pick-up spot hassle-free. Our guide provides the relevant information on pick-ups and drop-offs, as well as Lyft price estimates from Las Vegas Airport to popular destinations in the area. We will also help you compare Lyft to Uber and other transportation services so that you could find and book the cheapest transfer in no time!

Lyft at Las Vegas Airport

Requesting a Lyft at LAS is as simple as arranging a ride-sharing service at any other airport! Download the app, enter your origin and destination, choose a pick-up spot, select a ride, and make a reservation. To meet all your requirements, Lyft in Las Vegas offers several types of transfers, such as Lyft personal, supersized, and high-end rides. Choose a transfer that fits your budget, group size, and luggage storage needs. 

Lyft Pick-Up Locations at LAS

After you collect your bags and request a Lyft at the airport, you’ll be able to choose one of the two meeting locations. Based on your airline, select either the Terminal 1 or Terminal 3 point. See the list below to discover how to get to your McCarran Airport Lyft pick-up spot.

Terminal 1 Pick-UpTerminal 3 Pick-Up
From the Baggage Claim area:
1. Take the elevator near Door 2
2. Get to Level 2
3. Cross the pedestrian bridge to the parking garage
4. Turn right to see the pick-up area
From the Baggage Claim area:
1. Take the elevator near Door 52, 54, or 56
2. Go to Level 1
3. Cross the bridge to the parking garage
4. Take the elevator or stairs down to Valet Level

The blue airport signs will indicate each Ride-Share pick-up location.

Pick-Up Location for Lyft at McCarran Airport
Terminal 1 Pick-Up Spot


If you’re headed to Las Vegas Airport, the Lyft driver will take you to the Departure Curb.

  • At Terminal 1, it’s on Level 1 adjacent to the Ticketing/Check-In area.
  • At Terminal 3, it’s on Level 2.

Either way, the suitable drop-off spots allow quick and easy check-in.

Lyft Fare Estimates to Popular Destinations

To assist you in getting an ideal transportation service before or after your flight, the Shuttle Fare team looked into Lyft prices! Whether you need a Lyft from Las Vegas Airport to downtown resorts, the Strip, Planet Hollywood, or Fremont Street, we’ll help you find out the fare estimate. Go through our list to discover the estimated prices for the most popular destinations in Las Vegas:

MGM Grand$12-15$18-21$24-28
Planet Hollywood$12-15$20-25$25-30
The Venetian Resort$15-18$24-28$32-36
Las Vegas Strip$18-21$30-35$35-42
Downtown Las Vegas$15-18$40-45$55-60
Fremont Street$15-18$42-49$50-60
Treasure Island$18-21$30-35$35-42
Red Rock Canyon$32-36$70-77$93-101

Note that Lyft fares are subject to change depending on traffic, time of the day, and other factors.

Other Las Vegas Airport Transfers

Since shared rides have been suspended due to the ongoing pandemic, getting an Uber or a Lyft at McCarran Airport has become more expensive. That’s why we suggest comparing several ground transportation options before deciding upon one. You can search through the best airport transfers in our Las Vegas Airport Shuttle guide! It offers useful information on leading shuttle companies, private transfers, buses, and rental cars at the former McCarran Airport. We can help you reserve a ride through Super Shuttle LAS or learn more about RTC.

If going to Boulder City, note that Lyft fares start at $50, but you can check out several other companies that offer low-cost transfers from LAS to Boulder City. Whatever transportation service you opt for, read through our Tipping Guide to discover what’s a suitable tip for your driver!

Uber vs. Lyft at McCarran Airport

You can arrange an Uber ride from LAS to Las Vegas Strip for as low as $14, while Lyft rates start at $18. The price difference isn’t the same for all destinations, but Uber is generally slightly more affordable for all transfers within the city. If going outside Las Vegas—for instance, to the Red Rock Canyon—Lyft would be a more cost-effective choice. Just like with Lyft at Orlando Airport, it’s more affordable for long-distance trips, while Uber is a better option for quick rides. 


  • Where is the Lyft pick-up at McCarran Airport?

Lyft drivers pick up passengers on Level 2 of Terminal 1 and Valet Level of Terminal 3.

  • How much is Lyft from Las Vegas Airport to the Strip?

A Lyft fare for a transfer from McCarran Airport to the Strip is as low as $18.

  • How much is Lyft from Las Vegas Airport to downtown?

The lowest price for a Lyft ride from LAS to downtown is $15.

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