Find Your Lyft at Logan Airport

Last Updated on August 3, 2021 by Greg Bessoni

Using Lyft at Logan Airport and finding your driver is simple when you have Shuttle Fare on your side! We will lend you a hand whenever you need a reliable transfer to and from BOS. Use our guide to discover how pick-ups and drop-offs work at Boston Logan International Airport, as well as Lyft price estimates to the most popular destinations. You will also learn a few helpful tips that will make your trip safe and stress-free!

Lyft at Logan Airport

Boston Logan Airport allows both Uber and Lyft drivers to collect and drop off passengers. Even though shared rides haven’t been available for a while due to the ongoing pandemic, Lyft still offers several transportation services. Depending on your group size and budget, choose one of the following rides: Lyft, XL, Lux, Lux Black, and Lux Black XL. We will clarify the pick-up and drop-off procedures to help you plan your trip carefully and avoid the hassle.

Lyft Boston Airport Pick-Up Location

Before you request a Lyft at Boston Airport, collect your luggage from the Baggage Claim area and be ready to head outside. After ordering your airport transfer, follow the airport signs for Central Parking to meet your driver. Lyft drivers are allowed to pick passengers up in the designated Ride App area, which is accessible on Levels 1 & G.

Passengers with disabilities have two pick-up alternatives: to request a Central Parking pick-up or arrange a ride from the lower level Arrivals curb. If you decide on the second option, don’t select a terminal pick-up option in your app. When you see open squares in the Lyft app, drag the pin into the square closest to you to set up the meeting spot. 

Drop-Offs at BOS

Lyft drop-off locations at Boston Logan Airport depend on times of the day. Between 4 AM and 10 AM, all Lyft drivers take passengers to the lower level terminal curbs of Terminals A, B, or E. If you head to BOS after 10 AM, your driver will drop you off in the Central Parking area.

Additional Pick-Up & Drop-Off Spots

In addition to Central Parking, the airport offers several other points on-site available for pick-ups and drop-offs. Here’s where Lyft drivers can collect passengers:

  • Rental Car Center, ground level
  • Embassy Suites
  • Hilton Hotel
  • Hyatt Hotel
  • General Aviation

Type in any of these locations when requesting your Lyft ride if you wish to be picked up or dropped off there.

Lyft Fare Estimates to Popular Destinations

To assist you in planning your trip down to the smallest detail, we looked into Lyft rates in Boston. The list below offers average fares from Boston Airport to Downtown, Cambridge, and other popular locations. Check them out to find the most affordable ride and use the list to compare Lyft transfers to other transportation options.

Ferry Terminal$18-21$25-30$25-30
South Station$18-21$24-28$28-32
Somerville$21-24 $32-36$36-40

Note that there’s a $3.25 airport fee for all rides to and from the airport. You should also tip your Lyft driver for good service—check out our Tipping Guide to see what’s the appropriate tip.

Other Transportation Options at Boston Logan Airport

You have various ground transportation options available to and from BOS. If you wish to arrange a reasonably-priced transfer, we suggest looking into shuttle providers like GO Boston Shuttle or Seemo Shuttle. Bus services are the most affordable, and some of the best companies that serve Boston Airport are Boston Express Bus and Peter Pan Bus. You can go through the most popular transfers from BOS or look into all airport transportation services in our guide to Boston Airport Shuttle services. We can also help you book a reliable ride to and from Black Falcon Cruise Terminal.

Is Lyft Cheaper Than Uber at Logan Airport?

Just like Uber at Austin Airport, Uber at Logan Airport is usually more affordable than Lyft. Uber rides from Boston Airport to downtown start at $13.78, while the lowest Lyft fare for the same route is $18. If you’re going to Quincy, Lyft may be slightly more affordable. Fares for long-distance trips are virtually equal.


  • Where to get Lyft at Logan Airport?

After requesting a ride, follow the airport signs for Central Parking to meet your Lyft driver at BOS. Access the facility on Levels 1 & G

  • Can Uber drop off at Logan Airport?

Yes! From 4 AM to 10 AM, drivers drop off at the lower level terminal curbs. After 10 AM, all drop-offs are in the Central Parking area.

  • How much is Lyft from Boston Airport to Harvard University?

Lyft fares for a ride from Boston Airport to Harvard start at $28.

Besides getting a Lyft at Logan Airport, we can take you through the process of arranging transfers at other major airports, including: