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Getting a Lyft to or from the airport is a great idea, but you need to inform yourself of its pick-up and drop-off procedures beforehand. It’ll allow you to avoid the hassle and reach your Lyft vehicle in no time. You don’t have to search for such information, though—Shuttle Fare is here to provide you with everything you need! Our guide will help you find your Lyft at LAX, discover ride-sharing fares, find alternatives to Lyft, and include a few helpful tips. Reserve a Lyft from LAX to Disneyland, Santa Monica, or any other place, and travel stress-free!

Lyft at LAX Airport

Along with Uber and Opoli, Lyft offers convenient app-based transportation services to passengers flying into or out of Los Angeles International Airport. Whether you search for a transfer to or from LAX, requesting it through your phone app is straightforward and quick. Choose a personal ride if traveling alone or an XL service if going with a couple of friends. You can also arrange a high-end transfer or spacious luxury ride with Lux Black XL. Note that LAX charges a small fee for all pick-ups and drop-offs at airport terminals.

Lyft Pick-Up at LAX

If you plan to reserve a Lyft transfer from Los Angeles Airport, be sure to request it after collecting your bags. The Lyft LAX pick-up location is at the LAX-it lot, which is placed next to Terminal 1 and marked on the terminal map below. Passengers can either walk from Terminal 1 to the meeting point or hop on a free LAX-it shuttle to get to their driver. If you opt for the LAX-it shuttles, head to the Lower/Arrivals Level and look for the green LAX-it signs at the inner curb outside of Baggage Claim. Travelers who take a free shuttle to the Lyft pick-up spot should request a ride after they enter the bus. 

Drop-Offs at Los Angeles Airport

If you’re flying out of LAX and wish to request a Lyft from your home or hotel, the reservation process is the same. Once you enter the vehicle, notify your driver of the airline, and they will take you to the designated terminal. Your Lyft driver will drop you off on the Upper/Departures Level.

Lyft Fares for Rides from LAX to Popular Locations

Wondering how much does it cost to get a Lyft from LAX to Santa Monica, Los Angeles Cruise Terminal, or Union Station? The Shuttle Fare team looked into Lyft price estimates for transfers between Los Angeles Airport and an array of popular locations in the area. See what we discovered in the list below.

Santa Monica$32-36$55-60$77-84
Huntington Park$42-49$74-86$105-120
Downtown Los Angeles$50-55$77-84$110-120
Long Beach$50-60$74-86 $105-120
LA Union Station$55-60$85-93$130-142
Los Angeles Cruise Terminal$60-70$90-105$120-140
University of Southern California (USC)$50-55 $77-84$120-130
Universal Studios$85-93$130-142$200-220

Other Los Angeles Airport Transfers

Los Angeles International Airport serves the second-largest city in the U.S. and tens of millions of passengers every year! A wide range of transportation providers offer their services to LAX passengers, and the safest way to find the best ride is to compare them. We did that in our guides so that you can check out the top transfers from Los Angeles Airport and book the most cost-effective Shuttle to LAX! Discover more about Karmel Shuttle if you’re searching for airport transportation to Long Beach, Anaheim, Burbank, or Hollywood, or look into Super Shuttle LAX and Xpress Shuttles. If going to Apple Valley, Oak Hills, Wrightwood, or Silver Lakes, High Desert Shuttle might be the best choice! Lyft rides to Long Beach start at $50—see if you can find cheaper shuttles from LAX to Long Beach!

Shuttle vs. Lyft From LAX to Disneyland

If going to one of the most popular attractions in the area, ride-sharing might be a pricey choice! Getting a Lyft from LAX to Disneyland can cost you $70 if traveling alone, but it’s a decent choice only if you have a couple of travel buddies. Alternatively, you may look into the Disneyland Shuttle guide to find out the best ways to get to Disneyland from LAX! Compare shuttles from LAX to Disneyland and book the most affordable one in no time. Also, it’s customary to tip your driver, so feel free to read through the Tipping Guide to see what’s the appropriate tip for any transfer!


  • Where does Lyft pick up at LAX?

The Lyft pick-up location is at the LAX-it lot, which is placed next to Terminal 1.

  • How much is Lyft from LAX to Long Beach?

Lyft rides from LAX to Long Beach start at $50.

  • Is Uber cheaper than Lyft at LAX?

No. Lyft is significantly more affordable for most rides.

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