All About Lyft at JFK

Last Updated on August 3, 2021 by Greg Bessoni

Ride-sharing apps give you an array of options suitable for single travelers and small groups alike. If you wish to request a Lyft ride to or from John F. Kennedy International Airport, you should know how the pick-ups and drop-offs work. That’s where Shuttle Fare comes in! We will help you find your Lyft at JFK, discover the drop-off locations, and get a glimpse into Lyft fares. Our guide also provides information on JFK transportation alternatives and useful travel tips. In addition to JFK, we cover other NYC airports—learn more about requesting an Uber or a Lyft to Newark Airport!

Lyft at JFK Airport

Both Lyft and Uber are allowed to collect and drop off airport passengers at JFK. Whether you need a ride from JFK to Manhattan or from any location in the area to the airport, a Lyft driver can safely take you there! Shared rides aren’t available because of health concerns due to COVID-19, but you still have several other options. Access the app after you collect the luggage and choose a ride that fits your budget and group size. See the pick-up spots below.

JFK Lyft Pick-Up Locations

Requesting a Lyft from JFK is simple and takes a couple of minutes. After you access the app, you will be able to choose a JFK Lyft pick-up spot based on your terminal. You can easily find your spot by going down to the Arrivals curb and following the green Passenger Pick-Up signs. Most terminals have more than one pick-up location—see all of them in the list below.

TerminalPick-Up Spots
1Pick-Up A: Level 1 Arrivals 
4A, B, C, and D: Level 1 Arrivals/Baggage Claim
51, 2, 3, and 4: Level 1 Arrivals
7A and B: Level 1 Arrivals
8A, B, and C: Level 1 Arrivals/Connecting Tunnel

As you can see, all Lyft meeting points are on the Arrivals Level. The JFK Airport map below shows all of them, but you can also use the interactive map for additional information.

Lyft Drop-Offs

Lyft drop-offs at John F. Kennedy Airport occur at all terminals. When you head to the airport, tell the driver your terminal, and they will take you straight to its Departures Level. The driver will drop you off as close to the entrance as possible.

Lyft Fare Estimates to Popular Destinations

Whether you wish to arrange a Lyft from JFK to Times Square, Brooklyn, or any other New York City location, we can help you find out the estimated price. The Shuttle Fare team looked into fare estimates for transfers to the most popular destinations in the area. Check them out below to plan your trip carefully before you order a Lyft at JFK.

LocationLyftXLLux Black
LaGuardia Airport$42-49$50-60$74-86
Long Beach$50-60$50-60$90-105
Manhattan/Times Square$74-86$90-105$120-140
Jersey City$105-120$120-140$160-185

Compare the Lyft rates to prices of other transfers from New York JFK Airport or see below for more information on alternatives to Lyft and Uber.

Other John F. Kennedy Airport Transfers

Airport transfers have been more expensive ever since shared rides were suspended due to the pandemic, and finding low-cost transportation can be tough. That’s why you should compare several transportation options before you opt for one. Booking a JFK Airport Shuttle would be a smart choice if you search for a reasonably-priced transfer. Several airport shuttle providers offer daily rides to and from JFK Airport, including GO Airlink JFK, Red Dot Shuttle, and ETS Airport Shuttle. If you think about booking one of them, check out our GO Airlink NYC Review to see if this is the service for you. We can also help you travel between NYC airports—go through our guides to learn more about LGA and EWR transfers and find a suitable LaGuardia Airport Shuttle or Newark Airport Shuttle.

Is Lyft at JFK Cheaper Than Uber?

If you’re thinking about arranging an Uber to JFK instead of Lyft, think twice. Even though an Uber ride from JFK to Manhattan would cost as much as Lyft, Uber is more expensive for closer destinations. Lyft transfers from JFK to Queens start at $24, while Uber Connect charges around $33. If you’re going to a destination more than 10 miles from the airport, Lyft and Uber rates will be pretty much the same.

Helpful Travel Tips

Check out the tips below before your trip starts to plan your journey down to the smallest details and travel stress-free.

  • Save over $20 on your ride to Manhattan—the airport offers flat-rate transfers between JFK and Manhattan, and the ride costs $52
  • If you opt for a flat-fare taxi ride, note that there’s a rush-hour surcharge of $4.50 between 4 PM and 8 PM on weekdays
  • The airport charges a $1.25 fee for all pick-ups at JFK
  • Whatever transfer you choose, don’t forget to tip your driver—check out our Tipping Guide to discover what’s a suitable tip for any service


  • Where does Lyft pick up at JFK?

Lyft drivers collect passengers at Terminals 1, 4, 5, 7, and 8. All pick-ups occur on the Arrivals/Baggage Claim Level. Look for green Passenger Pick-Up signs.

  • Can Uber pick up at JFK?

Yes! All ride-sharing services collect travelers at the Passenger Pick-Up spots. 

  • How much is a Lyft from JFK to Manhattan?

Lyft rates for rides from JFK to Manhattan start at $74.

  • How much is a Lyft from JFK to Brooklyn?

Rates for a Lyft ride from JFK to Brooklyn start at $74 for the personal ride.

We can make any of your trips stress-free! In addition to useful tips and info on Lyft at JFK, we can help you get an Uber to JFK, as well as arrange many other airport transfers, such as: