Is it really only $20 to LAX from Anywhere?

Last Updated on June 10, 2019 by Greg Bessoni

We know a lot of you have been asking us about this $20 shuttle ride to LAX and we wanted and set the record straight.

To start, the company claims it has been offering $20 fares to LAX since 2011. We checked, it was operating in Jan of 2011 and actually had it’s first review…and it was a positive one.

Before we get into the price and if Shuttle2LAX is really $20 from anywhere in the Los Angeles area, we want to point out, that regardless of price, many folks have complained that the service cancels on them last minute. Here’s a few example. This customer, Paulyn B, claims the day of their trip they tried calling the drive who was assigned and then out of the blue they post on their app that their reservation was cancelled. Not a great feeling when you have a flight to catch.

Thanks to we have are able to learn about SHUTTLE2LAX. We learned from another customer that they too were cancelled on last minute. But the owner did respond…kinda

But the question we poised, that most of you are curious about “Is Shuttle2LAX really only $20 to LAX?”

The answer is YES. We found some very positive reviews as well, have a look


If you’re looking for a really cheap ride to LAX and have a fall back plan if Shuttle2LAX falls through, then we recommend it because it’s only $20 and based on several recent reviews, the feedback is positive. If you’re flying to or out of another airport, not LAX, check out this post we did a few months back comparing Super Shuttle and GO Airport Shuttle. These two companies have $20 fares in cities all across the world, and sometimes even lower than $20.