HyreCar Review: Is It Reliable?

Last Updated on April 3, 2022 by Snezana Grcak

Here at Shuttle Fare, we provide relevant and up-to-date information on various transportation services nationwide; the same goes for online carsharing and car rental platforms. After looking into AutoSlash, Kyte, Easirent, and many others, we inquired into the affairs of the HyreCar company. Keep reading to discover its carsharing procedures, HyreCar phone number, user reviews, and top alternatives!

What Is HyreCar?

Founded in 2014 in Los Angeles, HyreCar is a carsharing marketplace available in California but also all other U.S. states. In fact, it covers most major cities countrywide. HyreCar allows people to earn passive income by sharing their private vehicles with those who want to do rideshare or delivery gigs but don’t have a ride. So, the company doesn’t own the vehicles but connects car owners with those in need of a car for Uber, Lyft, Instacart, GrubHub, Doordash, or other similar services.

How Does HyreCar Work?

The HyreCar process is straightforward. Private car owners list their vehicles through HyreCar, which inspects and approves them so that a driver without a ride could rent one of them for rideshare and delivery services. A vehicle owner can set their own rate and use HyreCar’s insurance plan to keep their car safe. Whether you want to list or rent a vehicle, keep reading to learn the step-by-step procedure.

HyreCar Home Page
HyreCar Home Page

How To Put Your Car on HyreCar 

If you don’t use your car often and want to share it with gig workers, take the following steps to create a free listing in no time!

  1. Create a HyreCar owner account and click on the List Your Car feature.
  2. Describe the vehicle and enter other info and inspection documents.
  3. Upload a few new, clear photos and set the price.
  4. Wait for a car request.
  5. Confirm the application as soon as you get it and verify the accuracy of all the info.

HyreCar will charge the driver after the application is approved and generate insurance 24 hours before pick-up. Once they pick up the car, your money will be on your way.

How To Rent a Vehicle Using HyreCar

Go through the step-by-step process below to learn how to rent a car for your rideshare or delivery gig.

  1. Create a driver account through the website or HyreCar app.
  2. Enter your preferred location and pick-up time.
  3. Search through the comprehensive vehicle list.
  4. Book a car that fits your needs along with five others.*
  5. Wait for the HyreCar team to run a background check for new drivers.
  6. Upload the documents you will receive from the car owner to your account.
  7. Pay the total amount.
  8. Reach out to the car owner to coordinate the meeting time and place.

*Applying to several vehicles increases your chances of starting a trip at the desired time, but HyreCar will only charge you for the first approved vehicle.

How Much Does HyreCar Cost?

HyreCar rental prices vary according to the vehicle, location, and rental duration. Car owners regulate the rates, which start at $30/day, $200/week, or $800/month. HyreCar also offers protection plans at an additional cost.

HyreCar Logo

Contacting HyreCar Customer Service

You have multiple ways of reaching out to the HyreCar customer support team—the most convenient one is calling the HyreCar number (888) 688-6769. If you don’t need an answer right away, contact customer support online by filling out the form. However, before you do that, go through the FAQs on the right to see if you can find the answer to your question without calling them.

HyreCar Reviews: Is This App Reliable?

Even though the HyreCar app and website are easy to navigate and promise excellent services, its users aren’t so enthusiastic. Not only did many owners have issues with drivers, but the HyreCar customer service team also did scarcely anything to help. 

While the company has an excellent rating on Trustpilot, other reviews are mostly poor. Also, many people on Trustpilot made positive comments about certain support representatives and not about the service itself, which seems suspicious. For these reasons, we suggest that you look into the HyreCar competitors below and possibly find a more reliable option.

HyreCar Competitors

HyreCar connects ridesharing and carsharing services, so its main competitors are carsharing platforms like Turo and Getaround and rideshares like Uber and Lyft. Opting for the most convenient service depends on your needs and budget. Check out the similarities and differences between HyreCar and Turo below to make a decision quickly.

HyreCar vs. Turo

The Shuttle Fare team compared the services of the two carsharing titans and discovered a few pros and cons of each. 

While HyreCar focuses on renting out cars to people driving for rideshare or delivery companies, Turo is more conventional; it offers car rentals to any driver who needs a ride or plans a trip. If you think high mileage will affect your car’s performance, avoid HyreCar since Uber and Lyft drivers will put plenty of miles on your car. According to the user reviews, the HyreCar support team seems to be inefficient, so that’s another plus for Turo. However, note that Turo prohibits the use of other carsharing apps, while HyreCar allows you to list the same vehicle on other marketplaces. 

For a detailed examination of Turo, check out our in-depth Turo Review.