How To Get to Oakland Airport by BART

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There’s much more to planning your trip than booking a flight—finding convenient ground transportation to and from OAK is just as important. Searching for a reliable, low-cost mode of transport to take you to your terminal? You have an array of options, and BART is one of them. Our guide will take you through the transfer process and help you discover how to get to Oakland Airport by BART. We will provide all the useful information, including the BART station locations, schedules, tickets, fares, popular routes, and transportation alternatives!

BART in the San Francisco Bay Area

Trains not only are an affordable way to travel around the Bay Area, but they also help you avoid heavy traffic. BART allows you to travel conveniently within this region and get to the airport terminals hassle-free. Whether you’re traveling from Oakland, San Francisco, Berkeley, or another location, we’ll explain how to take BART to Oakland Airport and from it. Check out the BART system map to all the all stations in the region.


The BART station at Oakland International Airport is placed across the street from the terminals—check out the map below. There’s an AirBART shuttle that connects the airport with the Coliseum BART Station, and the ride takes only eight minutes. You can also use AC Transit Line #50 to get to the station. Once you get there, you can find a suitable transfer to all BART destinations. The BART Trip Planner may be helpful—enter your starting point, destination, and time to see available departures and lines that can take you to that location.

Oakland Airport BART Schedule—Hours & Frequencies

BART trains depart every six minutes during most hours of the day—see the exact hours in the list below. Between 11 PM and midnight, it departs every 20 minutes, and the 12 AM train is the last departure of the day. Whenever you get to OAK, you will be able to catch a train without a long wait.

Monday to Friday5 AM – 11 PM
Saturday6 AM – 11 PM
Sunday8 AM – 11 PM

How To Get to Oakland Airport by BART

The Shuttle Fare team will provide you with detailed instructions on how to travel between OAK and the most popular Bay Area destinations. See how to reach the airport from Oakland, San Francisco, and several other cities.

To/From Oakland

  • From Downtown Oakland to OAK: take a Berryessa/North San José-bound train at the 12th Street Oakland City Center Station, exit at the Coliseum Station, go upstairs, and head to Platform 3 to take an OAK train to your terminal
  • From OAK to Downtown Oakland: Take an OAK shuttle to the Coliseum Station and hop on a Richmond-bound train to the 12th Street Station, which is within a walking distance of Jack London Square and Oakland Chinatown

The BART line that connects Oakland and the airport can also take you to Richmond, Berkeley, San Leandro, Hayward, Fremont, and North San José.

To/From San Francisco

  • From Downtown San Francisco to OAK: Head to one of San Francisco BART stations—such as Montgomery or Embarcadero—and take either a Berryessa/North San José or Dublin/Pleasanton-bound train to the Coliseum Station. Head upstairs to Platform 3 to hop on an 8-minute train to your terminal
  • From OAK to Downtown San Francisco: Take a San Francisco/Daly City-bound train at the Coliseum Station to get to Downtown SF in 21 minutes. You can reach any of the four SF BART Stations

The Berryessa/North San José line can also take you to Hayward, Union City, and Fremont. The San Francisco/Daly City line stops at the Balboa Park Station, which offers connections to all BART lines.

BART Tickets & Fares

All passengers older than four must have either a BART ticket or Clipper card. If you’re flying into Oakland Airport, you can purchase your ticket or card at the Coliseum Station on Platform 3. Look for ticket vending machines, which accept both cash and credit/debit cards. The fare will depend on your destination—a transfer from OAK to Downtown Oakland is $8.60, while a one-way trip from OAK to the SF Embarcadero Station costs $11. You can use the BART fare calculator to find out the price for your journey in a couple of clicks! To access the BART system at the station, insert your train ticket into the fare gate or put your Clipper card on the top of the gate.

Connection to Amtrak

Amtrak Capitol Corridor that runs from San Jose to Sacramento stops at the Coliseum BART station. To hop on an Amtrak Coast Starlight or California Zephyr train, take BART to Downtown Oakland and head to the Jack London Square Station. That’s where you can access Amtrak trains to Seattle and Chicago. Note that Jack London Square Station is a 15-minute walk away from the 12th Street Station. For more information on Amtrak schedules or routes, call 800-872-7245.

Other Transportation Options at Oakland Airport

If you’re hesitant about choosing the right Oakland Airport transportation option, Shuttle Fare will help you make a decision. Whether you travel to or from OAK, there’s a wide range of options, including shuttles, taxis, public buses, and private transfers. To compare all services in a few clicks, use our guide to Oakland Airport Shuttle! It offers information on all ground transportation services at OAK. If you’re going from San Jose Airport to OAK, check out the best airport shuttles from SJC to Oakland Airport. If searching for a convenient transfer between SFO and OAK, go through the SFO Airport Shuttle guide. In addition to trains, buses are the most cost-effective choice, and Groome Transportation is one of them. Take a look at our Groome Transportation Review to find out more about this intercity bus company.


  • How to get to Oakland Airport?

Apart from BART trains, you can use public buses or pre-book an Oakland Airport shuttle or private car service. Ride-sharing is also a reasonably-priced option, while rental cars are the most flexible and independent choice.

  • Does BART go directly to Oakland Airport?

Yes! The Oakland Airport BART station is across from airline terminals. You can use an AirShuttle to reach it in several minutes.

  • How to get from SFO to Oakland Airport by BART?

Take BART from the San Francisco Airport Station to the Balboa Park BART Station, and then hop on a Berryessa/North San José-bound train to the Coliseum Station. The total cost for this trip will be $17.

  • How to get from North Berkeley to Oakland Airport by BART?

Take a Berryessa/North San José-bound train to the Coliseum Station at OAK. The ride takes 25 minutes, and the BART fare is $9.45.

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