How To Book a Cheap Airport Shuttle

Last Updated on June 20, 2019 by Greg Bessoni

Frequent customers of are familiar with our Top 2 shared ride shuttle brands, SuperShuttle, and Go Airport Shuttle.  But if you haven’t used our site before and still on the fence about doing so, we still want you to get the cheapest, best airport transportation.  We’d say about 95% of the time, we’ll be in a city/airport where SuperShuttle and/or GO operate.  Here we go to analyzing the 2 top shuttle services.

First, a general explanation of what each site does well and does poorly.


Good at:

  • Quickly finding pricing & availability
  • Mobile friendly site, with saved information
  • Can earn frequent flyer miles on every airport transfer

Bad at:

  • Long wait times, in some cases, at the airport
  • Adding too many passengers in the van per trip

GO Airport Shuttle

Good at:

  • Family owned and operated local franchisee
  • High quality, low wait times
  • Offers multiple service types on the website including the airport express

Bad at:

  • A bit more expensive
  • Website not as user friendly though

As you may find out, Super Shuttle strengths are GO’s weaknesses and vice versa.  

SuperShuttle Ride Booking Tutorial

SuperShuttle has a booking rez portal we suggest you use.  But for this Tutorial, we will go straight to their homepage.  

When you get to their homepage, plug in where you want to get picked up from (type an address, hotel or airport) and where you want to get dropped off.   Additionally, let them know if you want a return-trip, most people do, and how many passengers.  What’s nice is if you find a coupon code for SuperShuttle, like from Retailmenot, you can enter it here.  

Let’s try a search from LAX to the Hilton Checkers in Los Angeles.  The next screen is actually part of the booking rez portal.  

Note: if you need to change anything, you can do so easily on the right of the page, or even start over from the beginning.  But we will proceed by selecting the $17.00 

So one of the best features we like with the SuperShuttle booking system is the quick lookup of flight information (since they require you enter the Airline and flight number).  This basically lets you select the airline and then pop opens a window of all the flights around the time you selected on the 1st step.  In our case, we have 2 flights arriving LAX on that date around 10:30PM.

After you select your flight, you’ll proceed to the next segment, in our case, it’s the departure leg, since we also selected we needed a return flight.  If you did a one-way, then you’d be done with this step and moving on.  

And so, this step is the same as the one above, we just enter our airline and we get a few options of flights and SuperShuttle pre-fills all the information after we select it.

Next, and final step will be to enter your personal information and credit card in general.  But there are also a few things to note on this final page.

  1. If you’re a SuperShuttle member, you’ll want to log in
  2. If you have a frequent flyer miles program you want to earn miles, be sure to enter in your ID
  3. Enter in any specific instructions you want them to know about, maybe you have a car seat or have a surf board  
  4. Be sure to enter in the correct number of bags…they only want checked bag count though, not carry on’s.

Congratulations, you will be directed to the confirmation page, with your confirmation ID and you should receive an email in a few minutes with the receipt.  Simple, painless, probably under 5 minutes from start to finish. Great thing is you can avoid parking fees on airport parking when you book a ride with this shuttle van provider.  

GO Airport Shuttle Ride Booking Tutorial

Of course, as we discussed earlier, the rates of a SuperShuttle will be somewhat lower than GO, but you will be provided very good service, that we are sure of.  But that doesn’t mean at airports like Newark Liberty, GO will be THE cheap shuttle.

So now that we know how to book an airport ride on SuperShuttle, let’s see how quick and easy GO’s website and reservation system works. Keep in mind though, you can schedule a luxury vans or even an airport limousine – because let’s face it, you’re going to the cruise port and want to ride in style. GO has these options.

First, let’s visit their homepage >

Next, they want us to pick what direction we need the express shuttle first, either going to the airport or getting picked up from the airport.  Let’s try To the Airport this time.  

Next we will notice that form is a little different than Super Shuttle bus type service.  We still want To Airport and asks use to select or enter an Airport.  Let’s try New York JFK.  And then enter the From address, which is the Grand Hyatt in New York City.  Personally I like the SuperShuttle form better, but here, the same thing is required…Enter in your departure flight date and time and return date and time, plus the type of flight it is…Domestic or International.  

OK, one thing we have to point out, and this only applies in some of the GO cities, mainly the large cities like San Francisco and New York, but when I was entering the From Grand Hyatt Hotel, I was asked something, you can see in the image below.  Somewhat confusing right?  Long Island, Connecticut?  Most of you will know where you’re going, but we just find it interesting all these options would be there.  It’s mainly because GO works with many providers who service different areas for the same Airport.  So they simply allow you to filter out the companies you don’t need essentially.  So we select Manhattan on move on. One of the best out of Seatac Airport, that offers reliable transportation via passengers van is called Shuttle Express.

They sure do ask for a lot of information, my hope would be that the next steps are quick and easy.  Let’s find out!

Indeed, the next step is very simple.  Let’s select our shared ride option for $22.86.

Unfortunately it will not be 1-2 steps more, it’s going to be 4.  And on this step we need to enter Flight details, how many bags and your pickup time…in this case because we’re going to the airport, we need to schedule a pickup from our hotel, based on their suggestions.  

Next, we’re going to do the same thing as we did on this screen but for the next leg.

This will be our arrival at JFK.  

Do you have a GO Airport Shuttle Coupon?  If so, this is the page to enter the Coupon code. 

And last, we’ll pay and reserve the ride.  This page is very simple.

And last, we’ll pay and reserve the ride.  This page is very simple.  And similar to SuperShuttle, you’ll receive an email plus you’ll be directed to your confirmation page.  

In Conclusion

We love both these companies and although we like the booking site better, each has a toll-free number you can call to schedule your ride.

But we have one more surprise for you! offers both these companies, in one search, so you can compare prices and then choose and book directly on our site.  

When flying out of LaGuardia International airport, avoid valet parking, and make an online reservation with an airport transport company like GO or Super Shuttle. All the busiest airports have these type of services, including luxury sedans and mini buses.

As mentioned above if you need a ride to a cruise terminal, pick a convenient transportation option from the airport terminal right to your ship, avoid surge pricing and relax with purchasing your tickets online in advanced.

Please check out “How to book SuperShuttle or GO Airport Shuttle on” blog post that can help answer any of your questions.
Safe and Happy Travels.