How much should you tip an airport shuttle driver?

Last Updated on June 10, 2019 by Greg Bessoni works with over 500 large and small companies that offer an airport shuttle type service. This ranges from individual drivers to large shuttle operators like Super Shuttle, to hotel and parking lots that use shuttles to get their customers to and from the terminal and their facility.

We wanted to find out exactly what a traveler should tip an airport shuttle driver. So we called and emailed all of our partners and here’s what we found out.

We’ve broken this down to service type so we can give some context.

Airport Shuttle (short distance)

Airport Shuttle (long distance)

Public Transportation



Car Service


Mini Bus



10-20% of fare

No tip required


No tip required





In many cases, car service through motorcoach will actually include the gratuity so you do not have a choice in what you’re going to leave as a tip, regardless of the service. A lot of taxi services well a few dollars on shorter fares and obviously public transportation – I do not think we’ve ever seen anyone tip a bus driver before (although we didn’t look this up, but it’s probably against the law).

As you can see above, if you’re taking a hotel or parking shuttle to and from the airport, these drivers will assist with your luggage and it’s a great idea to give them a few bucks for that. If you’re going off airport say 20-30 miles distance, then what we recommend is simply take the fare and give 10% – 20%.

We hope this guide for tipping your airport shuttle driver helps as well as the other classes of ground transportation services at the airport.