Is Groome Transportation the Best Deal?

Last Updated on January 15, 2020 by Laurice Wardini

When deciding on transportation to and/or from the airport, there are a plethora of options available. From ride-sharing platforms to public transportation, it can be overwhelming to decide. Groome Transportation is one company to choose from – they offer airport shuttles in a number of cities. As a leader in the shuttle industry, we decided to review the company to evaluate if they are the best deal like they advertise.

What is Groome Transportation?

This airport shuttle service company provides shared rides to and from the airport (they offer campus transit buses as well). You simply schedule your ride from areas near the airport and they will pick you up. They also specialize in longer rides that can save you money if you’re located far from the airport. 

Why not just call an Uber or Lyft? While these can be a great deal for short-term rides, it gets expensive if you live 10+ miles away from the airport. Plus, ride-sharing platforms don’t work with large parties of 5+ (unless you spend hefty amounts for larger cars). 

When you book an airport bus, you’re able to input your flight number so they can track it before picking you up. If it’s delayed, you won’t have to worry about anything because the drivers should be tracking it. 

Where is Groome Transportation Available?

A few of their most popular shuttle buses operate to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) and Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX). In total, Groome shuttles are available at various airports in 12 different states around the United States. They claim to have over 80 years of experience, plus they state there are 1,000+ daily trips on the Groome schedule. 

Here are few more of their top airports: 

  • ABQ (Albuquerque International Sunport)
  • ATL (Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport) 
  • BHM (Birmingham–Shuttlesworth International Airport)
  • BNA (Nashville International Airport)
  • DIA (Denver International Airport)
  • MCO (Orlando International Airport)
  • MSP (Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport)
  • OAK (Oakland International Airport)
  • PDX (Portland International Airport)
  • PHX (Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport)
  • SFB (Orlando Sanford International Airport)
  • SFO (San Francisco International Airport)
  • SJC (San Jose International Airport)

How Much Does Groome Transportation Cost?

We decided to put Groome prices to the test, starting with a long ride. First, we checked their online reservations for a round-trip ride from their Chattanooga office to the Nashville Airport (which is over 100 miles away and takes 2 – 2.5 hours). The cost came out to only $88 for one person for a round-trip. 


On Uber or another rideshare platform, this same ride costs around $150 one-way. Although you could fit 4 people in the car, you still have to pay the same amount to get another ride coming back. Plus, you will definitely want to leave a nice tip after such a long ride. If you have four people, it might be around the same cost or slightly cheaper to grab an Uber. However, Groome is the best deal if you have more or less than four. Shuttles are a much better deal when compared with taxis.

On a side note, you might consider renting a car for your trip if you plan to spend money on shuttles and Uber rides throughout your trip. Prices depend on the state, but you can often find good deals on Enterprise or other budget rental car companies. For example, we got a quote in Denver for a 4-day rental car for just $175 including taxes (a little over $40 a day). These prices will vary depending on the city, but it doesn’t hurt to get a quote. A simple 10-mile Uber can easily cost over $30, so a rental car may easily be worth it. 

Although Shuttlefare doesn’t have many long-distance shuttles available, we definitely come out on top for short-distance airport shuttle rides. Our platform is easier to navigate while booking as well. 

Groome Transportation vs. Shuttlefare

While some good deals can be found on Groome, Shuttlefare is slightly different because we showcase available rides from a variety of airport shuttle service companies (including SuperShuttle and others. You’re able to find the best deal and compare different options. Groome is simply one company, so you may not be getting the best possible price out there. 

Is Groome Transportation Safe?

You can find Groome Transportation reviews on Yelp and other platforms. For most locations, their overall rating landed around 2.5 stars. The many negative reviews involved the fact that it’s hard to access the Groome customer service number. Some other customers stated their customer service was bad and it was hard to cancel or get refunded. In some worse cases, the shuttles were late or never arrived! 

With dozens of 1-star reviews, it might be safer to choose an alternative with more experience and reviews. 

Bottom Line

Overall, Groome Transportation is a cheap option for airport transportation to one of their qualifying airports from 100+ miles away. However, if you need a shorter lift or want to use a company with more positive reviews, Shuttlefare is the best choice with plenty of shuttles to compare prices for. You’re able to browse through all of the options and pick your favorite. Plus, Groome doesn’t have great reviews, while Shuttlefare works with some of the top shuttle bus companies (SuperShuttle is one example). This can help give peace of mind that your ride will be there on time.