Is GO Airlink NYC Reliable?

Last Updated on June 2, 2021 by Snezana Grcak

Go Airlink NYC is one of the best-known shuttle operators in New York City! It offers affordable shared rides and private transfers to and from several important points in the area. If you haven’t used its services before but wish to book a ride, our guide to GO Airlink NYC shuttles will help you get the hang of it. Use the information to sail through the booking process and have a hassle-free journey! You will discover all about their services, as well as customer reviews.

GO Airlink NYC Shuttle in a Nutshell

Ever since 2004, GO Airlink NYC provides transfers throughout New York City, its airports, and cruise ports. Whether you’re traveling for pleasure or business, alone or in a group, you’ll be able to find a suitable GO Airlink NYC shuttle service. Here’s what they offer:

  • Shared-ride shuttles
  • Private door-to-door transfers
  • Charters
  • Group transportation

You can arrange your airport shuttle or any other transfer online or by contacting GO Airlink New York City—call 212-812-9000 for shared ride information or 212-434-0400 for private transfers. Online booking is the simplest way, though—enter your pick-up/drop-off point and the flight arrival date to see the selection of offers. The GO Airlink shared shuttle ride prices start at $13!

GO Airlink New York City Locations

GO Airlink NYC offers pick-ups and drop-offs at the following airports and cruise terminals in New York City:

They can take you to Manhattan hotels and major bus or train hubs in NYC, too!

If searching for a ride between the airports, Shuttle Fare has your back! Discover how to travel safely and affordably from JFK to Newark Airport or from LaGuardia to JFK!

How To Find GO Airlink NYC at an Airport

The New York City shuttle provider has help desks at the ground transportation center of every airport terminal at JFK, EWR, and LGA. You can find your driver easily if you follow the instructions below.

  • Head to the Ground Transportation Desk in the Arrivals area 
  • Ask the representative for assistance and directions
  • If no one’s available at the desk, go to the nearby phone bank 
  • Dial #18 to reach out to GO Airlink Shuttle

If you book a private transfer, you will receive a call or text from your driver as soon as you land. In case you cannot find your GO Airlink driver, call 212-434-0400 and select option 2 for additional help.

How To Cancel Your Shuttle Ride

Have your plans changed? Wondering if you can cancel your GO Airlink NYC shuttle reservation? Don’t sweat it! According to their cancellation policy, if you cancel the reservation up to 4 hours before the pick-up time, you’ll receive a full refund! If you don’t show up and then later search for your money back, you won’t get it.

GO Airlink NYC Reviews

The company claims that they provide reliable and efficient New York City shuttle services, but is that so? We looked into GO Airlink NYC reviews to see if customers support their claims!

While many users agree on the fact that GO Airlink Shuttle is a great transportation option, others don’t seem as enthusiastic. In fact, a number of travelers had the same issue during the first several months of the COVID-19 pandemic—GO Airlink NYC canceled transfers and didn’t issue refunds. Passengers were waiting for their money for months! The crisis has hit the company pretty hard, but they have been recovering slowly, so we expect GO Airlink services to be reliable again soon enough!

Apart from the recurring refund issue, plenty of customers were satisfied with the service and affordable shuttle fares. Low prices are actually the main advantage of GO Airlink NYC, according to many of its users!

If you plan on having a business or leisure trip soon, look for the latest reviews before booking to make sure things are getting better. In the meantime, we suggest going through our in-depth transportation guides to discover all your options and find the most suitable airport shuttle! Shuttle Fare covers all major airports, including:

Feel free to reach out and call us for additional info!