How To Get to Newark Airport by Train

Last Updated on August 21, 2021 by Greg Bessoni

If you’re wondering what train goes to Newark Airport or how to travel by train from EWR, you’re in the right place! Our guide will provide directions to the Newark Airport train station, information on all train operators, fares, and useful tips. Learn how to get to Newark Airport by train from New York City, Long Branch, Philadelphia, etc. Use all the info to come up with a smart travel plan and travel without any hassle!

Is There a Train Station at Newark Airport?

Thanks to AirTrain, Newark Airport is connected with NJ Transit and Amtrak, and passengers can get to the station conveniently and quickly. AirTrain stops at Terminals A, B, and C, as well as a few parking lots, and runs to the Newark Liberty Airport Station. Shuttles depart every 3-5 minutes between 5 AM and 9 PM, while the nighttime frequency is 15 minutes. Transfers from airport terminals to the train station take between 7 and 11 minutes, depending on the terminal. The airport map below shows the train route.

If you use AirTrain to travel between terminals or to the parking lots and rental cars, the ride will be free. When going to the EWR train station, purchase your NJ Transit or Amtrak ticket, and it will include the AirTrain $7.75 fee. 

NJ Transit: How To Get to Newark Airport by Train

You may use NJ Transit to get to the Newark Airport train station for a competitive price. Several NJ Transit trains arrive at EWR every hour and can take you to various places in the area. Here are the approximate travel times between Newark Airport and the most popular locations:

LocationTravel TimeTrain Fare
Newark Penn Station15 minutes$10.75
New York Penn Station30 minutes$15.25
Hoboken, NJ (via PATH)55 minutes$13.50
Trenton, NJ66 minutes$20.25

Train Tickets & Fares

NJ Transit train fares are based on the distance traveled. For instance, the train fare for a ride from Newark Airport to New York Penn Station is $15.25. Use the trip planner to find out the price for your journey! You can purchase your ticket at vending machines, from ticket agents, or through the NJ Transit app. When you get to the airport station, they will charge you the $7.75 access fee. Frequent travelers can purchase monthly passes, which lower the cost for around 30 percent compared to one-way fares.

Amtrak to EWR

Amtrak connects Newark Liberty International Airport with New York City and Philadelphia. If you’re wondering how to get to Newark Airport from Philadelphia by train, this is the way to go! Amtrak trains run approximately every hour. There’s also a regular service to New York City with some trains originating from or continuing to Boston, so you can use Amtrak to get from EWR to Boston, too. Purchase your Amtrak ticket at any Quik-Trak machine, from ticket agents at the Newark Airport train station, or online.

Other Newark Airport Transfers

If you’re not sure what is the best transportation option for you, we can lend you a hand! Our guide to the Newark Airport Shuttle offers information on all EWR transfers, including Super Shuttle Newark and GO Airlink NYC. It can help you travel from EWR to Times Square hotels or any other location in the area. You may also use our simple booking form to compare all the services in no time and make a reservation on the spot! Alternatively, discover more info about ride-sharing apps in our articles that will help you get an Uber to Newark Airport or Lyft to Newark Airport.

Cost-Effective & Time-Saving Tips

Go through a few suggestions to make a better travel plan and get to Newark Airport by train worry-free:

  • Allow around 15 minutes to get to your terminal from the train station.
  • Don’t throw away your ticket when you leave the train because you’ll need it to pass through the gate. Otherwise, they’ll charge you the AirTrain access fee.
  • Try to avoid peak hours, which are from 7 to 9 AM and 4 to 7 PM.
  • Luggage space is limited, so travel lightly if you opt for the train.
  • Consider purchasing the round-trip ticket to avoid lines when you head back.

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