Free2Move Review – Is The Carsharing Service Efficient?

Last Updated on February 15, 2021 by Snezana Grcak

What is Free2Move?

Since 2016, Free2Move has been simplifying your mobility and offering an array of services provided by the PSA group (a global car manufacturer). Its goal includes providing customers with the most convenient services anywhere and anytime. Free2Move makes carsharing so easy — one application gives you all available nearby carsharing providers. Scroll down to discover the most in-depth Free2Move review and see what do they offer, how does this platform works, and much more.

What Does Free2Move Offer?

The Free2Move team offers carsharing, car rental services, parking, and access to charging stations in Washington DC. You can also use it in Paris, Madrid, and Lisbon. Carsharing is their most developed and widespread service that allows you to locate and book a car directly through the Free2Move app and swiftly reach your destination. You don’t even need car keys since the cars are connected to the app. Also, you don’t have to worry about fuel since gas is included. So, all you need is your phone! 

How Does It Work?

To start your journey, you need to take three simple steps. First, download the Free2Move Carsharing app, which is available on both Google Play and Apple Store. We suggest that you create an account straightaway — you can use your e-mail, Facebook, or Google account. 

Also, make sure you have your driver’s license and credit card with you. At the moment, the Free2Move platform only accepts US-based driver’s licenses. Customers with international driver’s licenses should reach out to [email protected] for additional information.

After you complete the in-app registration process, they will review your account details and get back to you within 48 hours; wait for a confirmation email. When you get it, you’re ready for the second step — finding your vehicle. It’s quite simple; the app will show all the vehicles nearby, and you’ll be able to see the type of vehicle, its location, the fuel level, its license plate, and the price per minute. 

Click “Reserve” once you reach the car and make sure that the plate number matches the number of the vehicle you booked. Then, press the “Unlock” button, and the car will automatically open. That’s it; the final step is completed, and you’re ready for your trip. Note that you may reserve a Free2Move vehicle for up to 30 minutes in advance.

When you reach your destination, you can end the rental process by parking the vehicle in any meter or residential parking spot within the Home Area. If you’re headed to DCA, you may want to find out more about Reagan National Airport Parking. Anyways, you must follow the parking rules and avoid the following:

Be sure to leave your vehicle in a suitable spot and avoid getting a DC parking ticket. Once you’re outside the vehicle, click the “End trip” button; when the car locks, you’re free to go. If you have any issues, please call Free2Move at 1-844-54FREE2.

Free2Move Customer Service

If you need help while creating an account, making a reservation, or finishing your trip, feel free to call the customer support team. Of course, you can first check out the Free2Move FAQ page, which might provide an answer to your question. If that doesn’t help, call 1-844-54FREE2 at any time. The app also offers a FAQ list, as well as phone numbers that can connect you to the Free2Move customer service in Washington, Paris, Madrid, and Lisbon.

Free2Move Reviews

To confirm if the Free2Move carsharing/rental services are as reliable as they claim, we looked into their ratings and reviews. Overall, drivers are very satisfied with the concept and services that make traveling around the city convenient and hassle-free. According to its users, Free2Move is a great choice for quick trips; it allows you to quickly find a vehicle nearby and leave it at or near your destination. Also, cars are clean and comfortable.

However, even though its customers love the idea, plenty of the Free2Move users had issues with the phone app. Apparently, the last update introduced some changes that seriously affected the customer experiences, and users have had issues with starting or ending their trips. Hopefully, the app will be fixed soon since this is the main issue that we’ve come across while reading the reviews.


Free2Move rates start by the minute, but they change if you take a longer trip. In that case, you’ll automatically get a lower rate or even a daily price. So, whether you’re going to lunch with friends or taking a weekend trip, Free2Move will offer a suitable price. See the list below to discover its fixed rates.

Time PeriodRate
30 minutes$11.99
1 hour$19.99
3 hours$49.99
6 hours$79.99
1 day$99.99
2 days$179.99
3 days$249.99
5 days$319.99
7 days$349.99

Since the prices vary based on your destination, you may want to consider using other transportation services in case this is too pricey. For example, you can check out Bolt Bus and its services; our comprehensive guide might help you decide upon the transportation option that fits your needs.

Free2Move Pros & Cons

In general, Free2Move is a great option for city trips or weekend getaways. It enables you to quickly locate a suitable vehicle, access the car, and drive safely to your destination. And the only “key” you need is your phone! Of course, every service has its downsides, but it’s very important that the positives outweigh the negatives. See the list below to discover all Free2Move pros and cons.


  • Convenience — unique and simple approach to renting/car-sharing;
  • Flexibility — find a car at any time using only your phone app;
  • Comfort — vehicles are clean, modern, and comfortable;
  • Pricing — upfront and clear prices;
  • Affordability — special deals for short and long journeys.


  • App functionality — issues with starting/managing/ending trips;
  • Customer support — not always responsive.

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