First Student Bus Company – How Does it Compare?

Last Updated on January 4, 2021 by Greg Bessoni

Need to rent a charter bus? The First Student bus company has you covered. They have a massive fleet of yellow school buses that can be used for any event. Bus rentals cost a set hourly rate and even come with professional drivers! Whether you want to rent a school bus for a wedding, camp activity, field trip, or other event, this company has you covered. 

How the First Student Bus Company Works

You can rent a First Student charter bus for a variety of events including field trips, youth events, weddings, or anything else you might need an activity bus rental for. How does it work? You simply pay a flat hourly rate for your bus rental (their website states it costs $60 – $125 hourly depending on the bus size). Plus, all bus rentals come with professional drivers to get you where you need to go. Their website makes it easy to request a quote.

There are 400+ First Student locations throughout the United States and Canada. They have thousands of buses in their fleet! If you only need a bus for a couple of hours, it can be an affordable way to transport a large number of people or children. This is much cheaper than paying for private bus tickets (such as Bolt Bus) and safer than dealing with public transportation

How many seats does a First Student bus have?

Their large buses can transport 48 adults or 72 children, but they have smaller buses if you don’t need this many seats. 

Who Owns First Student?    

First Student is owned by FirstGroup, a transportation company. This company also owns Greyhound! That said, they’re a massive company and have served millions of customers. 

What Are First Student Charter Bus Reviews Like?

While many reviews are great, there is one common negative experience that people seem to have – lateness. There were plenty of reviews where time-pressing activities were delayed because of a late bus driver. Aside from this, everyone had great things to say about the customer service and other aspects of the First Student bus rental experience. 

First student employee reviews are just alright (an average of 3 stars). 

Contacting First Student 

Having trouble finding contact information for this charter bus company? If you need to reach a particular location, you can simply search First Student in whichever city you desire. We’ve also listed their headquarters phone number below if you need to reach the company in general. They also have a contact page on their website that you can email them through if you don’t have time for a phone call. 

First Student phone number (headquarters): (800) 844-5588

First Student vs Coach

If you’re considering First Student, you might have stumbled across Coach USA as well. This company offers more luxurious charter buses (not school buses). As you might guess, Coach buses are more expensive. However, they can be beneficial when traveling longer distances because they often come with bathrooms, WiFi, and other amenities. Coach buses are also typically not as large as First Student school buses, so they are better for smaller parties. 

If you just want a cheap school bus for a brief trip, the First Student bus company is the way to go. If you want something more luxurious for a longer trip, a charter bus from Coach or a similar company will be your top pick (just expect to pay more). 

Bottom Line

Overall, the First Student bus company is a great choice for short-term trips where you will be transporting a large number of children or adults. Their rental process is seamless and cost-effective. Although First Student is commonly rented by school districts for field trips, activities, or their regular bus system, anybody can rent from the company.