How To Find Interesting Stops on a Road Trip & Have the Best Time

Last Updated on October 22, 2022 by Snezana Grcak

Make your every trip fun and full of exciting activities and beautiful sights with Shuttle Fare! Our team will help you find interesting stops on a road trip by providing the ten best apps, forums, and sites offering valuable info. Use them to discover top natural sites, tourist attractions, amazing dining options, camping sites, and other places along a route. You’ll also learn where to look for cool insider tips from locals or other visitors who have traveled to your destination.


Roadtrippers is a fantastic app with travel guides and a trip planner feature. Enter your route, pick from categories like Sights & Attractions, Great Outdoors, Bars & Restaurants, Places to Camp, etc., and you’ll see places pop up along the way. You can also use their cool website to plan your next journey.

Roadtrippers Logo

Roadside America

The Roadside America website and app offer a bunch of helpful information that will undoubtedly help you find interesting stops on a road trip. What makes it unique is that it helps users find unusual attractions and tourist traps all around the U.S. The app is available on iOS only for $1.99 to $6.99, while Android users may use the website.

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the world’s most popular mapping platforms, great for finding places along your driving route. However, if you use it just for traffic, we recommend downloading Waze instead. The real-time traffic app will help find the most convenient route to any destination.

Google Maps


TripAdvisor is perfect for finding a place to stay and city attractions, but you can learn so much more if you check the comment section or Q&A posts. The website and app also allow users to book hotel rooms, transportation, restaurants, and travel experiences.

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Forums like Reddit always help us find interesting stops on any road trip. So, wherever you intend to go, chances are you’ll find valuable info about it on Reddit. Lots of people post travel-related questions, and locals or previous visitors often leave comments and unique tips for new tourists.

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iExit is ideal for those traveling on major highways. Use it to find amenities available at upcoming exits, including restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, hotels, etc. Don’t hesitate to download the free app on Google Play or App Store.

iExit App


Resy helps travelers find local dining options with open tables so that they don’t have to wait or head to another place for lunch or dinner. Users can also search for a specific restaurant and make a reservation within the app. It’s easy to use and super helpful for all foodies, so don’t forget to download the app.

Resy App

Local Travel Blogs

Travel bloggers offer both general info and cool insider tips you wouldn’t discover otherwise. When planning your next journey, look for a local travel blogger who has visited the area and created a blog post about it. You can even reach out and shoot a few questions if you need more info.

Travel Blog

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are full of diverse information. Whether you’re looking for hiking trails, historic sites, or amusement parks, there’s most likely a Facebook group out there that can help. These may not be as useful as other apps created explicitly for travelers, but they can help.

Facebook Groups


Keep an eye out for billboards and signs en route. It probably goes without saying, but they may lead you to many interesting locations or at least convenient dining options when you want to grab lunch or dinner.