Top questions event planners have when figuring out the airport transportation logistics

Last Updated on June 10, 2019 by Greg Bessoni has been offering event/meeting planners a simple, efficient and reliable solution to their ground transportation needs as it relates to their event and attendees arriving by air since 2009. By offering a group discount and access to hundreds of top shuttle brands, can give event planners and their attendees a one-stop source for ground transportation at over 50 US Airports.

The first thing event managers consider is whether or not the hotel the majority of their attendees are utilizing has a free airport shuttle. In most cases, when the event is downtown and not near the airport, the hotels will NOT offer a free shuttle. Attendees are typically responsible for their own means to and from the airport and typically rely on taxi cab service and most recently Uber and Lyft.

However, event planners who do a little research and partner with can offer their attendees a great alternative that not only saves them money but also could result in them making some friends on their trip from the airport to their hotel.

Airport Shuttle service at any of the major airports, LAX, O’Hare, Las Vegas, Orlando or New York JFK offers a shared ride shuttle service. When a big convention is in town, the day before and sometimes the day off will have hundreds if not thousands of people sharing rides together to the same hotel. On the shuttle, attendees can get to know each other, talk shop, speakers they want to hear and exhibits they want to see. You wouldn’t be able to do this in an Uber or taxi.

Below I’ve added some frequently asked questions we get from event and meeting planners.

Q – How many people does your standard shuttle fit? 

A – 8-11 people

Q – Does the link used for booking bring users to or the airport’s own site?

A – Attendees to visit which is linked to that particular airport and provides detailed information on all the available services, rates, pickup instructions, schedules and how to reserve.. 

Q – Can you create a unique code for our events?

A – Yes, a separate code for each event will be generated, which helps to track the usage and volume for each event. The standard discount is $5.00 off the reservation.  

Q – Do prices depend on miles or is there a standard rate?

A – Prices are calculated on distance to the hotel/ area ( DT vs suburbs etc) and how many people have booked that shuttle at that time, the fare is split between people.  

Q- What’s the price difference for the different shuttle type?

A – Depends on the airport, not a standard rate.  There’s shared ride shuttle service designed for individuals and private shuttle van great for groups of 5 or more.

Q- Are prices in USD? 

A – Yes 

Q-  Pay per person or car load?

A – Pay per person, discount rates available if people book as a group.

Q – What are your hours of operation?  Some people may have late/early flights. 

A- Most cities have 24/7 service, the system will not process a pickup reservation if the local service provider cannot accommodate the time selected.

Q – Are there airports you do not service? Multiple airports, further discount or multiple events. 

A – We service all major US airports, however, cities such as Philadelphia or Detroit as it relates to shared ride shuttles, do not offer this type of ride type, but can book other vehicles through the site. 

Q –  Do you send emails letting attendees know how to find the shuttle or driver at each particular airport?

A – Yes, email confirmation of the booking and instructions sent out after booking is confirmed. Specific instructions based on airport selected. 

Q- How do people pay, through your site or the airport’s site? Is the site verified secure? Is AMEX accepted?

A – Travelers will reserve on which connects them with the airports verified shuttles operators and reliable airport transportation companies that offer car service, van, Minibus, and even Motorcoach vehicles. Yes, the site is secure with SSL and AMEX is accepted. 

We hope this has been useful – if you are a meeting or event planner and have an upcoming event where a good number of the attendees will be flying in, we’d love to chat to help you provide them with reliable transportation at amazing discounts.