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Shuttlefare helps you to search, compare and reserve an airport ride on a global scale with its aggregated list of airport shuttle routes and private transportation specialists. With Shuttlefare, you can book a reservation with confidence. Shuttlefare is a booking engine for various airport transportation companies providing rides to and from over 100 different airports … Read more

The Rise of the Rideshare – How Uber and Lyft are Dominating the Market

Uber Lyft Rideshare vs Super Shuttle

Ridesharing, an alternative to a conventional taxi, has become a popular way to travel. And, with its popularity has come innovation, and ultimately competition. As consumers, we have come to expect extraordinary experiences and competitive prices from companies we can trust. SuperShuttle was one of the first ridesharing services on the marketplace, but last week … Read more

Rideshare landscape and its relationship with major US airports

Rideshare companies at airports

Rideshare companies are mobile service providers in the transportation sector. These companies match the clients, the passengers, with vehicles through mobile apps and websites (Furuhata 28). Rideshare companies are for both aircraft and watercraft. In the US, the famous rideshare companies include Uber and Lyft, with Uber being the largest in ridesharing and Lyft the … Read more

Top 23 Most Beautiful Places in the US

Most Beautiful Places in the US Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming (Yellowstone Park) Hot springs are always a beautiful destination, but this one is out of the ordinary. This hot spring looks like a rainbow! It’s the most photographed thermal feature inside of Yellowstone. Although you can’t go swimming in it, it’s a beautiful sight.  Haiku … Read more

The Definitive Guide to the Closest Airport to Top US Destinations

What's the closest airport to

At we specialize in helping travelers find the best, most affordable transportation to and from airports worldwide.  Whether you’re a solo traveler or group of 20, we offer any and all types of airport transportation.  But let’s say you’re looking at visiting a new place like Yellowstone National Park.  You can’t drive there because … Read more

How much should you tip an airport shuttle driver? works with over 500 large and small companies that offer an airport shuttle type service. This ranges from individual drivers to large shuttle operators like Super Shuttle, to hotel and parking lots that use shuttles to get their customers to and from the terminal and their facility. We wanted to find out exactly what … Read more

Top 10 Airline Instagram Accounts

Do you fly frequently?  Do you use Instagram?  Even if you answered no to both of these, you may still find our list of the 10 most influential Airlines on Instagram.   #10 Cathay Pacific, with over 1/2 million Twitter followers and  Instagram followers this airline offers Instagram followers amazing pictures of places around the … Read more

Top questions event planners have when figuring out the airport transportation logistics has been offering event/meeting planners a simple, efficient and reliable solution to their ground transportation needs as it relates to their event and attendees arriving by air since 2009. By offering a group discount and access to hundreds of top shuttle brands, can give event planners and their attendees a one-stop source for … Read more