Travel From Boise to Glacier National Park & Explore the Attractions en Route

Last Updated on September 9, 2022 by Snezana Grcak

The long drive from Boise to Glacier National Park can be interesting if you have the right travel itinerary with all the top details. The Shuttle Fare team collected the most beautiful stops that will make your trip worthwhile, including Shoshone Falls Park, Whitefish Mountain Resort, and Bruneau Dunes Park. You’ll discover other cool attractions, natural sites, and activities for both single travelers and families with kids. We also included the most amazing places for hiking, rafting, and sightseeing in the mountains. Use all the info to plan a fun and unique ride through the wilderness.

Drive From Boise to Glacier National Park

The long drive from Boise to Glacier National Park stretches for over 500 miles, and it takes about 10 hours and 30 minutes to reach your destination. Usually, you can enjoy all the stops, activities, and attractions on the way to Glacier National Park in seven to ten days. We suggest you take this trip during a long vacation, as there’s a lot to see and do en route.


The Most Attractive Stops Along the Way

At every town and city you’ll come across on your way to Glacier National Park, there are stops with interests ranging from arts to hiking and hunting. You’ll also find relaxation spots that are worthy of the name.

Boise National Forest

On your way to Glacier National Park, you’ll come across the Boise National Forest. It is about 89 miles from Boise, which takes about 2 hours and 40 minutes. 

Boise National Forest offers hiking, wildlife viewing, hunting, trout fishing, skiing, and other recreational activities. You can spend more time in this natural oasis if you decide to rent the remarkable rustic cabins. Also, there are about 70 campgrounds and picnic areas where you can pass the time. 

To use the rivers in the Boise National Forest for a day, you’ll pay a $3 fee. However, you can purchase Annual River Pass for $20. You’ll find recreational passes for different categories, usable at other national forests through the forest service site.

Boise National Forest

Nez Perce Reservation

Pay a visit to the Nez Perce reservation, 230 miles from Boise and about an hour from the national forest. You will experience the industrious nature of the Nez Perce Tribe and how they contribute immensely to the North Idaho economy.

While you can see different wildlife at this location, you can go fishing or have a relaxing time in the Zims Hot Springs. If you decide to fish, purchase a fishing permit in advance.

Bison Range

An hour North of Missoula off Highway 93, and about 2 hours from Glacier National Park, Bison Range is a spot to enjoy some wildlife viewing and birdwatching. The range is home to coyotes, bighorn sheep, muskrats, pronghorns, and many other animals. 

Admission to the Bison range costs $10 per day.

Whitefish Mountain Resort

The Whitefish Resort offers excitements like zipline tours, alpine slide rides, and scenic lifts, among others. It’s more popular during winter, though, and visitors love day and night skiing.

The Great Northern Bar & Grill is our favorite spot for drinks and burgers. And, if you want to get some rest, take advantage of the cool lodging options before continuing your journey the following day. 

Leaving the resort via the MT-40 E or US-2 E, you have 26.3 miles to Glacier National Park.

Glacier National Park Passes

The entrance pass for an individual without a vehicle is $20, while those traveling in their cars or vans pay the following prices.

VehicleEntrance Pass
Standard car$35
Commercial vehicle$25 + $20 per person

Note: You can enjoy fee-free days on specific days such as Veteran’s Day. Click here for more details on fees and passes for Glacier National Park.

Top Locations and Activities in Glaciers

Glacier National Park has many glacier formations on its rocks and mountains that stretch to Canada. However, these glaciers have receded in the past years.

Activities in Glacier National Park include hiking to reach the peak of the rocks and mountains to see the glaciers. Other exciting activities include Whitewater Rafting on Lake McDonald, where you can see the snow-capped peaks of the park.

You can also engage in swimming and kayaking at the Lake Five Resort or fishing and white water rafting in the numerous rivers, including Flathead River.

Sightseeing on Going-to-the-Sun Road, surrounded by high rock and mountain formations and lakes, marks the famous Continental Divide. This road doesn’t usually open in its entirety until late June.

Going-to-the-Sun Road

Best Time for a Road Trip to Glacier National Park

You can visit Glacier National Park at any time of the year, but you’ll enjoy your trip better when you target the spring. Plan your trip to be between late June and mid-September. You’ll make the most of it during this time as other attractions than the glaciers will be at their peak.