Taking the Blue Line to O’Hare

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Chicago O’Hare International Airport is easily accessible by various ground transportation services. Finding the one that suits your budget and needs is simple if you use our help. The Shuttle Fare guide provides information on public transit at ORD—learn all about taking the Blue Line to O’Hare Airport! Discover where to find the airport train station, what are the CTA ticket fares, and which transportation alternatives offer reliable services.

CTA at O’Hare International Airport

The Chicago Transit Authority is the most economical public transit option at ORD. It offers both train and bus services that connect the airport with the city and its suburbs. CTA trains are known as the “L,” which stands for “elevated,” and they are the most popular way of traveling to and from the downtown area. 

CTA Blue Line to O’Hare

The Blue Line offers an around-the-clock train service to and from O’Hare on weekdays, weekends, and holidays. You can catch a CTA train to ORD at many stations in the area, and we’re going to list the ones that offer connections to other lines, trains, or buses:

  • Forest Park—the departure point, wheelchair-accessible
  • Clinton—a 5-minute walk away from the Union Station
  • LaSalle—connections to Metra RI trains
  • Jackson—served by Red, Brown, Purple, Pink, and Orange Lines
  • Washington—Red Line connections
  • Clark/Lake—connections to all “L” routes
  • Jefferson Park—served by Metra UP-NW

Several other stations, such as Harlem, Oak Park, Illinois Medical District, Logan Square, and Irving Park, offer connections to various CTA bus lines.

CTA Blue Line From O’Hare

Whenever you land, you’ll be able to catch a train within a short time and reach the city without any hassle! If taking the Blue Line from O’Hare Airport, follow the directions below to get to the train station:

  1. From any domestic terminal: Walk through the pedestrian tunnel and follow the “Trains to City” overhead signs 
  2. From Terminal 5: Head to the lower level’s Door 5E, take a free shuttle to Terminal 1, and follow the overhead signs to the train station

The CTA station is placed near elevator center 4 on the lower level:

CTA Tickets & Fares

To purchase a train ticket, use vending machines at or outside the train station. You can pay via cash or major credit cards. The regular fare for“L” trains is $2.50 at all stations except O’Hare, where the cash fare is $5. You can purchase CTA passes, as well—see the list below to discover their rates:

CTA PassFull Fare
1-Day Pass$10
3-Day Pass        $20
7-Day Pass        $28
30-Day CTA/Pace Pass$105

If you opt for the 30-day pass, you can use it to travel by CTA trains and buses, as well as Pace, which also serves ORD. Pace buses pick up and drop off passengers at O’Hare’s Multi-Modal Facility, Bus Bay #9.

Midway to O’Hare

Searching for a cost-effective way to travel between the two Chicago airports? The CTA allows you to do that with one transfer at the Clark/Lake Station downtown station. Take the following steps to get from Midway to O’Hare safely and affordably:

  1. Take the Orange Line at the Midway Station
  2. Get off the train at the Clark/Lake Station 
  3. Transfer to the Blue Line free of charge
  4. Take the Blue Line train to the O’Hare Station

If going from O’Hare to Midway, use the Blue Line to the Clark/Lake Station and then transfer to the Orange Line. Note that this option will take around two hours—if you’re in a hurry, consider getting an Uber at Midway Airport!

Travel by Metra From Union Station Chicago to O’Hare Airport

Metra offers a convenient way to travel from the downtown Union Station Chicago to O’Hare Airport and many suburbs. It stops on the northeast side of ORD, across the street from the Multi-Modal Facility. Here’s how you can reach the station:

  1. From any domestic terminal: Hop on a Metra airport shuttle on the upper level of your terminal
  2. From Terminal 5: Head to the lower level, look for Door 5E, and take the shuttle to the Metra Station

Alternatively, you can go to the rental car pick-up spot on the lower level of any terminal and take a shuttle to the Multi-Modal Facility. The Metra station is across the street from the facility:

Other O’Hare Airport Transfers

Trains are a reliable and budget-friendly way to travel from ORD to the city and the surrounding area, but you have several other options! To compare all the services, use our Chicago O’Hare Airport Shuttle guide, which offers the most popular transfers from ORD, including their rates and contact details. You can also learn more about shuttle bus providers like Coach USA or discover Lyft Chicago Airport fares. If searching for a ride between the airports, look into the Midway Airport Shuttle!


  • How much is the Blue Line from O’Hare?

The CTA Blue Line fare from O’Hare Station is $5. 

  • How long does the Blue Line take from O’Hare to downtown?

The ride from O’Hare to the downtown Clark/Lake station takes 40 minutes.

  • How to find the Blue Line station at O’Hare from Terminal 3?

Go through the pedestrian tunnel and follow the “Trains to City” signs located throughout the terminal. The CTA station is placed near elevator center 4 on the lower level.

Public Transit at Other Airports

Shuttle Fare guides offer valuable and fresh information on airport transportation across the country! This guide is created to help you get the Blue Line to O’Hare or from your terminal, but we can help you travel to many other places. Learn about train services at other airports below.